Was a Hollywood-Style Trump Sign Erected in Los Angeles?

In October 2020, reports and social media posts emerged claiming that someone had erected a large “TRUMP” sign over Interstate 405 in Los Angeles. Newsweek, for example, reported that:

Large letters in the style of the iconic Hollywood sign reading “TRUMP” were found on Los Angeles’ 405 Freeway on Tuesday morning. Los Angeles CBS Local reported that the letters were installed sometime between late Monday night and Tuesday morning on the southbound side of the Freeway in Sepulveda Pass. The giant letters appeared to use the iconic typeface from the “SF Hollywood Hills” font family, making it blend into the hilly setting seamlessly.

Such reports were accurate. Local television channel KTLA posted its own, authentic aerial footage of the sign as it appeared on Oct. 6, clearly showing its location on a hillside overlooking a stretch of I-405 at the Sepulveda Pass, around 25 miles west of downtown Los Angeles:

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Taylor Swift Wears “Voter” Necklace Endorsing Joe Biden

Taylor Swift is making her 2020 presidential endorsement in the most Taylor way possible: with a plateful of incredibly decorated cookies and some dainty jewelry. The Folklore singer recently opened up to V magazine about her intentions to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and on Oct. 7, she shared her plans for the evening’s debate between the California senator and Mike Pence.

“Gonna be watching and supporting @kamalaharris by yelling at the tv a lot,” she captioned her photo. “And I also have custom cookies.” Over the last few years, Taylor has become more vocal about the importance of participating in elections. She told V, “I will proudly vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in this year’s presidential election. Under their leadership, I believe America has a chance to start the healing process it so desperately needs.”

To echo that sentiment, Taylor let her accessories send

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2 women win Nobel Prize in chemistry for gene-editing method

The scientists’ work allows for laser-sharp snips in long strings of DNA, permitting researchers to precisely edit specific genes to remove errors that lead to disease.

“There is enormous power in this genetic tool, which affects us all,” said Claes Gustafsson, chair of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry. “It has not only revolutionized basic science, but also resulted in innovative crops and will lead to groundbreaking new medical treatments.”

“My greatest hope is that it’s used for good, to uncover new mysteries in biology, and to benefit humankind,” said Doudna, who is age 56 and works at the University of California at Berkeley.

But many have cautioned that the technology must be used carefully. In 2018, Chinese scientist He Jiankui revealed he had helped make the world’s first gene-edited babies, to try to engineer resistance to future infection with the AIDS virus. His work was publicly condemned as unsafe human

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Donating to charity could win you a 2020 Tesla Model 3

Donating to a good cause has always felt good. But if donating to a charity could put you in the driver’s seat of a brand new car, how much better would you feel?

For the first time ever, StackCommerce and The Futurist are joining forces and giving away a 2020 Tesla Model 3 to one lucky winner who donates to charity. By donating $10 to Playing For Change Foundation, you will receive 100 entries for a chance to win.

The giveaway benefits the Playing For Change Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Founded in 2007, Playing For Change uses music education to create positive change for children and communities all over the world who need it the most. More than 2,000 children across 10 different countries have benefited from access to music and arts education in their schools and programs with the help of the foundation.

In addition to helping

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Rihanna apologizes for sacred Islamic verse at Savage x Fenty fashion show

Pop star Rihanna has apologized to the Muslim community after she was criticized for using a song at her fashion show that included a sacred Islamic verse.

What happened:

  • Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty fashion show debuted on Amazon Prime on Oct 2.
  • The event included models of different sizes, races and genders.
  • At one point, models danced to a song that included audio of someone reading the Hadith, which is “the holy narrative of the Prophet Mohammad that is deeply revered by the Muslim community,” NBC News reports.

Rihanna issued an apology soon after.

  • “I’d like to thank the Muslim community for pointing out a huge oversight that was unintentionally offensive in our savage x fenty show,” Rihanna wrote in an Instagram story. “I would more importantly like to apologize to you for this honest, yet careless mistake. We understand that we have hurt many of our Muslim brothers and
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Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Highlighter Review

I’m a sucker for a good highlighter; I love how ethereal it makes me feel and the glow it gives off. It’s perfect for the no-makeup look, which is something I strive for every time I reach for my makeup. I feel like adding a highlighter to my face instantly makes me look a little more dressed up, like putting on a pair of earrings or a necklace. So naturally, I couldn’t wait to test out Selena Gomez’s much-hyped Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer.

The liquid highlighter comes in eight colors, ranging from darker hues to one that is almost iridescent. My favorite pick is Mesmerize because it matches my skin tone and gives off a natural glow, which is something I look for in a highlighter. I have tested many beauty products in my time as an editor, but this formula felt so easy to use and didn’t

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Female vote key but policies lacking in New Zealand election

By Praveen Menon

WELLINGTON (Reuters) – New Zealand’s upcoming general election has the rare distinction of providing a choice of two female candidates as the country’s next leader in a poll that could be decided by the female vote.

Yet there is growing criticism that neither incumbent Jacinda Ardern nor challenger Judith Collins have policies to address the fact that women – who make up half the 5 million population – have been disproportionately negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“There has been a frightening silence, to be honest,” said Lisa Lawrence, President for the National Council of Women.

Some analysts believe the oversight could cost Ardern, who polls show is on track to win the election, a chance to become the country’s first leader to govern outright since electoral reform in the 1990s, rather than as part of a coalition.

Alarm bells pealed in August when official data showed

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Hanoi Jane Stands Upon 200,000 Dead People to Declare Why COVID Is ‘God’s Gift to the Left’

Jane Fonda is a sick puppy. Is COVID bad or good? She gives a rather odd answer. No, that’s not the right word. She gives a ghoulish answer, noting that she feels the virus has been “God’s gift to the Left” because it’s exposed Trump for who he is or something. Yeah, forget the 200,000+ people who died. Forget about how half of that total is due to Democratic governors forcing nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients. COVID is great because it could boot Trump from office. She really is no different that her younger self who palled around with communist insurgents in Vietnam back in the day. She sat on an anti-aircraft gun, joked around with America’s enemies, and trashed the country. Hanoi Jane is a traitor, a ghoul, and totally in keeping with someone who is Trump deranged (via Free Beacon):

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Women Are Twice As Likely To Experience “Every Form Of Bias”

A survey conducted by the Hollywood Commission on Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality has found that women throughout the entertainment industry and across every demographic are faced with “every form” of bias and discrimination as they navigate their careers.

The commission, chaired by Anita Hill, released its survey concerning bias in the entertainment industry three years after its formation, as the #metoo and #timesup movements raised awareness and in Hollywood. While the trends it has uncovered aren’t that surprising to anyone familiar with the industry, the breadth and depth of the problem as revealed by the survey data is shocking.

The report opens with a stark summary:

“Those who are underrepresented across the entertainment industry (women/non-binary, people of color, LGBTQ identifying, and individuals with a disability) continue to face significant bias. On average, underrepresented groups reported experiencing two to three times as much bias as majority men.”

Concretely, less

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ABC7 Unite: Designer from Bedford-Stuyvesant reversing fashion industry diversity trends

BEDFORD-STUYVESANT, Brooklyn (WABC) — New York’s recent Fashion Week was unlike any other. Much of it was virtual because of the coronavirus pandemic, and during the shows, emerging designers took center stage.

According to WWD, a site devoted to fashion, beauty and business, the decision to feature newcomers was deliberate because of the current lack of diversity in the fashion industry.

It’s odd that a business known for taking risks when it comes to style lags behind in terms of diversity, but it does. Black-owned fashion companies account for just 1.3% of all sales, making the work of Edvin Thompson even more important.

Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn is a world away from Manhattan’s Seventh Avenue — known as Fashion Avenue in the Garment District — but it’s also the future.

ABC7 Unite: Music mogul Sophia Chang launches ‘Unlock Her Potential’ mentorship program

For an industry struggling to become more diverse, what’s

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