3 Houston-area stores targeted by same jewelry heist, owners say

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — On Monday night, ABC13 reported on a brazen robbery in Alvin, where two men pocketed a $15,000 Rolex from a high-end resale shop.

Since then, two other store owners in the Houston area said they fell victim to the same heist.

Houston police have not confirmed whether these crimes are connected, but each case shares some similarities. First, the men case the place. Then, they return and show fake identification to get a look at the merchandise before running off with a Rolex.

Surveillance video from a jewelry store chain inside Baybrook Mall from May 12 shows a man trying on a Rolex watch worth about $7,500. He directs the employee’s attention away and then turns and runs out of the store with the watch.

Earlier the same day, the same man and a second suspect stole a $15,000 Rolex from Meme’s Treasures about 10 miles away in Alvin.

ABC13 also found a jewelry store in Houston with a video of two men with the same descriptions looking at Rolex watches in late April. The owner said one of the men came back two days later, claiming he wanted to buy one worth $75,000 for his girlfriend.

The video shows the man taking advantage of the slightest distraction to make a run for it. He and a woman, who was waiting outside the store, hurried off to a getaway car.

The owner didn’t want to appear on camera to protect their business, but she said she is stunned by the fact that thieves are boldly robbing high-end stores in the middle of the day with other customers inside and security on site.

“I actually feel less safe and secure now. Because, now, they are aware of what they can do and what they should do. No, I do not feel any more secure by no means,” she said.

All three business owners said they are working with HPD detectives despite the different locations. ABC13’s request for information went unanswered, so there’s no word on whether investigators have identified or arrested any of the thieves.

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