32 Best Gift Ideas For Teens in 2020

Picking the right gifts for teens can be as daunting as choosing between ending a text message with a laughing crying emoji or just a classic “lol.” (Hint: The answer is neither).

Don’t worry, we get it. These days trends come and go in the blink of an eye, so it’s hard to keep up with what the #teens in your life are interested in. To help you find a gift that they will actually ✨love✨, we asked actual teens to share with us what exactly they want this holiday season. So, take notes and get shopping!


For 16-year-old Mary, the perfect stocking stuffer would be a handful of crystals.

Tarot Cards

While the popular belief that you shouldn’t buy tarot cards for yourself is very much a myth, gifting a deck to that teen in your life may not be such a bad idea!

Nintendo Switch & Animal Crossing

This console/game combo popped up in email requests multiple times and it’s no surprise why. The wholesome video game was saving people’s mental health at the beginning of quarantine, even allowing them to express their creative side by putting up fashion shows.

Embroidery Sewing Machine

Take the TikTok DIY trends your teen has been into lately to a whole new level by gifting them a sewing machine that does embroidery. Think of it as an investment. Instead of buying overpriced tanks with butterflies or socks with smiley faces, they’ll be able to create them themselves. Who knows? It could even be the start of an entrepreneurial project


Faith, 16, is hoping she’ll receive a vinyl of Goldberg Variations this holiday season. If the teen in your life isn’t into Bach, fret not. Some of the current top-charting musical artists keep releasing special edition vinyls, so you’ll be sure to expect this request in a lot of wishlists.

Bean Bags

Whether it’s for enjoying the great outdoors or making their current at-home virtual set-up for class a bit more comfortable, according to Ryan, 20, a bean bag (or an inflatable lounging chair) is just what you need.


After all the PS5 memes that took over Twitter, of course, Playstation’s newest and most-awaited gaming console made the list. Be sure to pre-order it before it’s too late!


Now that you have bought the record player or bought your teen that new gaming console, you might want to consider buying them, complimentary speakers. These are also on their wishlists!


Beatrice, 18, made a serious point for gifting books this holiday season. Borrowing books from the school library isn’t possible due to COVID-19, so getting into a saga like The Mortal Instruments seems more than ideal.“I’ve been longing for adventure the past few months because of quarantine, and I know that reading and finishing [a YA] series would be the only thing that would satisfy this craving.” With beloved series like My Hero Academia still releasing weekly shōnens, manga also falls into this category! Opt for individual chapters or compilations to make the teen in your life immerse themselves in a different world.

Gardening Tools

For Bailey, 18, gifting is all about wanting to be self-sustainable. That’s why their wish list is filled with gardening tools.


Steph, 18, echoes Bailey’s wishes, including plants on her holiday wishlist. Because if you get plants, of course, you need the gardening tools to keep them green and lively!

Cookware Sets

Bailey, 18, is also moving into a new apartment, so parents take note. Besides the cookware set on Bailey’s wishlist, don’t be shy and add an instant pot, an air fryer, or even a smoothie blender into the mix. All of them will become convenient staples in your teen’s new apartment!

Gift Cards

Isabelle, 16, has a PSA regarding gift cards: Don’t shy away from them! “I hate how bad people feel about giving gift cards,” she says “For this holiday season, I would love to get mostly gift cards, especially to stores that are way too expensive for me normally.”

Gifts that Give Back

In light of everything going on environmentally and politically, Mary, 20, and her friends are only buying and gifting items that give back. That means items that are ethical, charitable, or sustainable – or, ideally, all three! “So far, the one thing we all have loved and have repeatedly discussed is this charitable jewelry brand, Bird + Stone. It fits our budgets and donates to causes we all care about.”

Vintage Clothing

While teens won’t say no to some tie-dye matching sets, they mostly have their eyes on vintage clothing this season. So maybe consider either giving them an Etsy gift card, where they can shop away at their fave Etsy vintage stores.


For better or for worse, Crocs are back and teens love them. From Emma Chamberlain to Billie Eilish, these plastic mules will be the reigning shoe of 2020 (and beyond).

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