5 Most trending wedding colours and how to use them for your BIG day

Are you going to get hitched soon? If you are, then you’ll be busy with all the arrangements that you have to do for your big day. From wedding trousseau shopping to choosing the right venue and its décor, there are endless responsibilities to complete for the day. And when it comes to these things, then the colours to use are the most important thing to keep in mind.

You have to incorporate the right colours to brighten up the wedding décor and attire. There are other several places where you can add colours. So, add more colours to your wedding function that are trending right now.

Most popular wedding colours and how to utilise them for the function?

Light Blue

Light Blue was seen a lot at weddings. You can opt for a light blue coloured lehenga for morning wedding functions or include some fresh flowers of light blue colours to the décor like anemones, hydrangeas, sweet peas, delphinium and scabiosa.


If you like to add a retro vibe to your wedding, then opt for different shades like pistachio, matcha, olive, avocado, etc. This colour would look alluring if you choose this for bridesmaid’s dresses. For flower arrangements with this shade go for fan palms, plumosa ferns, English ivy, etc. to add more greenery to the venue.

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Pale Purple

When it comes to pale purple colour, lilac and lavender are the best ones to opt for. And the easiest way to add these two shades in your wedding is for the wedding cake and flowers. Pale purple coloured cake will look romantic and flowers will give a soothing vibe.

Neutral shades

If you are a minimalist yet want to give a bohemian touch to the venue, then neutral or earthy tones are best like ivory, dusty rose, etc. It is best to use these earthy tones for the wedding mandap decoration or the thrones.


There are many options for yellow flowers to add to your wedding décor like sunflowers, peonies and heirloom roses. Yellow coloured lehenga will also be catchy.

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