5 Signature Park Jimin Fashion Moves That Make Us Soft


There are many reasons why millions of people across the globe count Park Jimin as their ultimate bias. Of course there’s his delicate, sensual voice — equally deft at soaring and slithering through ballads as it is at punctuating a pop dance hit that just so happens to be the song of summer (stream “Dynamite” for clear skin!). He’s an adorably impish idol whose favorite hobbies include getting scolded by the other BTS members for being late and giggling so hard he falls out of his chair. There’s his absolutely hypnotic and gravity-defying dancing (perhaps he’s too pretty for the laws of physics to apply to him). There’s his philanthropy and his sincere, unwilting love of his fans. 

Oh, and did I mention he’s gorgeous? His beauty is mythic. His Bratz doll lips, his ‘90s Leonardo DiCaprio hair — did the phrase “devastatingly handsome” exist before Park Jimin was born? No, it did not. 

Of everything there is to love about Jimin, my personal favorite thing is his style. Undeniably cool, always boundary pushing, and never boring, Jimin’s fashion is my love language. And so, in celebration of the honorary Prince of Busan’s birthday, here are five signature Park Jimin style moves that make life worth living.

Let’s worship, shall we? 

The Black Swan Corset

How did we ever survive the “Black Swan” video? It was a rare surprise drop for BTS and, really, they should have warned us. They should have given us time to prepare an emergency go bag, seek out shelter, get our affairs in order. But, alas, none of us were ready for Jimin in a corset. 


The music video is a deeply beautiful visual twin to a deeply beautiful ballad, drawing on compelling references including Jungian psychology’s shadow theory and the 2010 Darren Aronofsky film of the same name. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Bangtan ballad without achingly gorgeous choreography. Jimin performs barefoot, elegantly and emotionally, in a black corset that will live rent free in my mind forever.

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Statement Glasses

Bring on the fashion dares: Jimin’s never met a pair of glasses he couldn’t completely pull off. Huge Harry Potter frames, yellow-tinted aviators, classic cool-guy Ray-bans, boyfriend aesthetic wire rims — the list is endless and the pretty privilege is strong. 

Instagram/@btsjimin/Getty Images

I’ll venture a theory that glasses as an accessory are a metaphor for the duality of this man. Jimin can be squishy-cheeked, sweet-as-mochi adorable in one second and ready-to-ruin-your-life sexy in the next. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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The Iconic Jacket Shoulder Flick

The jacket: doesn’t matter.

The shoulder: matters more than breathing. 


Somewhere in the choreography, somehow, Jimin will manage to flick whatever natty jacket he’s wearing off his shoulder to reveal a slice of bare skin that renders us mere mortals breathless. It’s a move ARMY has come to expect so readily that we brace ourselves for the moment. Though in a Bangtan Bomb reaction video to the “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” music video, Jimin heartily denies any sort of preemptive planning. When RM suggested he must have practiced exhaustively to nail that perfectly sexy move, Jimin is quick to claim he didn’t and it was actually a complete accident. 

Jimin, you beautiful liar: I don’t believe that move was accidental any more than I believe you’re shy. But I love you anyway for it. 

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Double Earrings

One of my all-time favorite signature Jimin moves is the gorgeous double earring. 

Getty Images

Sure other idols rock the multi-earring look (hello, Kim Namjoon) but there’s something about Jimin in dangling earrings that just hits differently. Maybe it’s how the double earrings highlight the undeniable symmetry of his perfect face. Maybe it’s because they increase his ethereal fairy vibe about 400%. Either way, I’m starting a petition for the Louvre to take down the Mona Lisa and replace it with a portrait of Jimin wearing earrings. 

Speaking of that lean into androgyny … 

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Genderless Dressing 

Is there anything hotter than Jimin’s complete disregard of gender norms? 


On and off stage, Jimin wears pretty clothes regardless of which gender they’re supposed to be for. Frilly blouses, bouclé tweed Chanel jackets, lace chokers, pink silk pants — his beauty transcends labels and so does his closet. Traditional gender roles are boring and we’re blessed to live in a timeline where Jimin is upending them one V-Live at a time. 

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