5 Ways Issa Rae Keeps Her Skin And Hair Looking So Good

Issa Rae is a writer, producer, and star of the hit HBO series Insecure, a Covergirl, and recent co-owner of a natural line of hair products called Sienna Naturals. And she’s only 35…Yes, you could say that the multifaceted actress can pretty much do it all. Though, one thing that didn’t come as natural to her was a skincare routine. When asked by Popsugar in 2017 if her mom gave her beauty advice, Issa responded saying, “She tried, bless her heart. I was such a tomboy and did not want to hear it from her.”

And, while she has picked up some hair, skincare, and makeup skills since then, she’s never wanted to let her outward appearance be what defined her. When asked by InStyle how it felt to be the face of Covergirl, she said, “It’s funny—I don’t think of myself like that in terms of beauty standards. I’m not even trying to be self-deprecating. I have so many other things going on. I’m smart. I’m the shit. My declaration of being the shit didn’t come from my appearance, but it came from what I’m about. In that way, beauty is the last thing on my mind, but I am flattered as fuck. Being represented is cool, but I just hope they want more than that.”

Though there is something to be said for Issa’s glowing skin and amazing natural locks. Keep reading for all the beauty secrets she’s shared over the years.

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She’s all about testing out products and hairstyles on her hair.

“I’m a product junkie and I try different things, but for the most part it’s been learning to appreciate it, take care of it. I love experimenting with styles and to be able to show different styles on the show and have people be like, ‘Oh, I didn’t know I could do anything else, and to see you do it, now feel like I can,’ is great. It’s so affirming,” Issa told Popsugar.

She indulges in facials on the regular.

“I do love facials. I go to the spa a lot,” Issa told Popsugar. “I love the spa. That’s something I never got to do before, and now I make it a routine.”

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She’s used quarantine to reset her skincare routine.

“I’m trying to stay makeup-free as much as I can,” Issa told Page Six Style. “I just take care of my skin. This is the first time that I’m consistently using sunscreen when I go outside. I am cleaning, exfoliating and masking a lot, so I’m just trying to keep my skin stress-free.”

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She believes in the power of a good moisturizer.

“I moisturize a lot, all over because, again, I’m a very dry person in general and I just find that as long as I’m moisturizing my skin, it helps the glow,” the actress told Allure. “I use Dr. Sturm Products, like the hyaluronic serum. That has worked wonders.”

Hyaluronic Serum

Dr. Barbara Sturm


She cares about ingredients.

When speaking with Allure about her partnership with clean haircare line Sienna Naturals, Issa shared that “I think ingredients are so important, specifically thinking about how the past products that I’ve used have all been primarily focused on styling. I think, for me, it’s been getting to the root of taking care of your hair, making sure that your scalp is healthy, [knowing the] ingredients, and making sure that you’re not manipulating your existing texture or the existing oils in your scalp.”

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