50 Bridesmaid Gifts That Are Thoughtful, Practical, and Inexpensive

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Whether you’ve yet to ask your bridesmaids to be or you’re pulling together their thank you gifts, your bridesmaids and maid of honor are going to or have been by your side throughout your engagement and wedding planning process—you should celebrate them! Unique and thoughtful gifts are great for asking your bridesmaids to be part of your big day, as a pre-wedding gift, or as a thank you present after the celebration has commenced. But as much as we love the sentimental gifts, we also love a practical and inexpensive gift as well.

As a recent bride and a bridesmaid a few times over, I’ve received and gifted my fair share of bridesmaids presents in the last few years. From experience, I can tell you the gifts I still cherish to this day and the ones that were life savers the day of, as well as gifts I wish I would’ve gifted my girls, and I’m sharing all of them with you here. Some are thoughtful and sweet, some are wedding day necessities they’ll thank you for endlessly, but all are unique and sure to be appreciated by your best girls.

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Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Monogrammed Wristlet

I’m a big fan of practical gifts that are helpful on wedding day, and as a bridesmaid a few times over, I’d put this at the top of my list of gifts I wished I’d received. No one wants to worry about carrying a purse around on the big day, but your girls still need a place to store cards, cash, their phones, and some lip balm. These are cute yet inexpensive and would surely be used time and time again!


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Acrylic Purse

If you’re looking for a clutch or wristlet option that more closely resembles a purse that’s equally as easy to tote around, this option is absolutely adorable.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Corner Zip Wristlet

You could also splurge a little on this gorgeous wristlet that we can assure you they’ll use time and time again.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Champagne Tumbler

Of course they need something to hold their celebratory bubbly! This would make for a wonderful gift when you’re asking your girls or for the ceremony.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Bridesmaid Hair Scrunchies

Another practical present they’ll thank you endlessly for: these scrunchies. It’s zero fun trying to cut up the dance floor when your hair is all up in your face.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Customized Tote Bag

For my own wedding, I gave my bridesmaids similar tote bags with some day-of necessities and matching pjs. Not only was it convenient for them to bring their stuff in on wedding day morning, but I still see them using their bags regularly.


Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gift

Knot Necklace

This knot necklace is a bit different and more subtle than many others, which is exactly why it was what I chose to ask my girls to stand by my side. Bonus: They all wore their necklaces on the big day which cut out a little bit of decision making on their part.


Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gift

Tie the Knot Hoop Earrings

These knot earrings are equally as beautiful and subtle and something they’d continue to wear for years to come.


Unique Bridesmaid Gift

Pearl Stud Earrings

If you’re looking for a slightly more elegant earring option, these pearl knot studs are hard to beat.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift


If you’re getting married when/where there’ll be cooler weather, then your bridesmaids will love having something to curl up in that’ll also look as classy as this pashmina shawl.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Personalized Turkish Towel

This cozy Turkish towel is another option for a chilly wedding or could also be a great gift for a beach bachelorette party.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Personalized Hand Fan

On the contrary, if you’re getting married where/when it will be warm outside, consider getting your girls some customized fans to cool off.


Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift

Neck Fan

This rechargeable fan definitely isn’t as cute, but it will leave them hands-free.


Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift

Nail Lacquer

Giving your girls a day-of pack with random items like ibuprofen, floss, and a mini manicure kit is always a good idea, and adding in the nail polish you want them to wear is a sweet gesture that cuts out the need for them to stop by a salon.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Pajama Set

You can never go wrong with a pj set! These look so sweet in getting ready pictures. Opt for a button-down top so you girls don’t have to worry about messing up their makeup when switching into their dresses. If you’re looking for a personalized option, we love these reasonably priced pjs.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Ruffle Bridesmaids Robes

Not a fan of pjs? Matching robes are another mess-free picture-ready option.


Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift

Bridal Party Slippers


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Slide Sandals

Trust us: they’re going to want to switch into comfier shoes after the ceremony. Make it easy on them and gift these so they don’t have to worry about packing any.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Skinny Can Cooler

Another wedding day essential? Something to keep their drinks cold, of course! These insulated ones can be customized with their name, initials, or place in the bridal party.


Unique Bridesmaid Gift

Personalized Jewelry Case

Do they have some bling of their own to pack away? A small jewelry case like this will help them keep it all together.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Bridesmaid Info Card

An info card like this will be so helpful to tuck into your bridal party’s presents. The best part? They won’t have to turn to you with all the questions.


Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift

Compact Mirror

They’ll never wonder how their hair or makeup is looking again.


Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift

Wedding Cake Candle

Customize this wedding cake-scented candle with a label in your wedding color for an extra-special gift.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Skinny Tumbler

Wedding days are long and usually consist of moving around and being on your feet all day, not to mention plenty of drinking that can happen later in the evening, so it’s vital to stay hydrated. Make it easy on your girls to remember their water with one of these cute tumblers.


Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gift

Ceramic Jewelry Tray

A small trinket dish like this is a sweet way to ask your best friends to be in your bridal party and give them a reminder of your friendship every time they use it.


Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift

Heart Sunglasses

Planning on being outside for pictures or during the reception? These sunnies are fun and cute and give your bridal party one less thing to worry about having to keep up with—their expensive sunglasses.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Coil Hair Ties

Another warm weather essential: these handy hair ties.


Unique Bridesmaid Gift

Tip Top Margarita Cocktail

Whether they drink it the day of or hold on to it for another day, we can almost guarantee no bridesmaid will turn down a canned cocktail.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Personalized Flask

If they’d rather pick their own liquor, then give them a personalized flask instead.


Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gift

Prosecco 3 Pack

Is it even a wedding if there’s no bubbly being popped?!


Unique Bridesmaid Gift

Champagne Bears

If you’d rather hold off on the drinking, then these non-alcoholic bears make for a fun little surprise.


Unique Bridesmaid Gift

Champagne Toppers Gift Set

Gift these Champagne toppers all together or split them up and give one per bridesmaid for a more cost-effective gift.


Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gift

Personalized Wedding Hanger

One of our favorite go-to bridesmaid gifts is a personalized hanger. Not only do they look beautiful in your wedding prep pictures, but your bridal party can continue to use them after the big day.


Unique Bridesmaid Gift

Personalized Sleep Mask

Getting plenty of sleep can be tough wedding weekend, but a silk sleep mask like this will give them a bit of help.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Personalized Bottle Opener

Pro tip: NEVER assume where you’re staying is going to have a bottle opener. Gifting your bridal party personalized bottle openers can help all of you avoid sticky situations.


Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gift

Picture Frame Set

It’s no surprise that’ll she’s just going to be honored to be a part of your big day—present or not. Give her a sweet reminder of just how much she means to you by a simple framed picture of the two of you.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Recovery Kit

In case they partied a little too hard.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Personalized Makeup Bag

I could not be more obsessed with these cute makeup bags and I’m sure your girls will feel the exact same!


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Fuzzy Bridal Party Socks

There’s no bad time for fuzzy socks! Cozy shoes/socks to get ready in are something I’ve forgotten time and time again when getting ready for a wedding, so socks like these would be a welcome addition to any gift.


Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gift

Bath Bomb Set

You don’t want any of your girls getting pre-wedding jitters. Keep the calm with this sweet set of bath bombs.


Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gift

Hand-Painted Bridesmaid Ornament

Planning on asking your bridal party around the holidays? Gifting a hand-painted ornament like this is a present they’ll cherish and celebrate every Christmas.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Personalized Leather Luggage Tags

If your bridal party is traveling for the big day, a luggage tag makes a thoughtful and practical gift for your girls. We also love these!


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Personalized Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is another great gift idea for your girls if they’re traveling for your bachelorette party or wedding weekend.


Unique Bridesmaid Gift

Perfume Rollerball

They can wear this perfume on the big day or as an everyday scent.


Unique Bridesmaid Gift

You’re My Person Candle

If she’s in your bridal party, she definitely is one of your people.


Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gift

Tie the Knot Bracelet

These knot bracelets are a great option if you don’t want your bridal party to wear matching earrings or necklaces.


Unique Bridesmaid Gift

Pearl Bracelet

Not into the knot jewelry? This pearl bracelet is inexpensive but so gorgeous.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Bridesmaid Gift Bags

Don’t forget a bag to corral all their goodies! We also love this option that’s slightly pricier but incredibly beautiful.


Practical Bridesmaid Gift

Bridesmaid Tote Bag

If you’d rather your girls have a bag that they can use time and time again, then they’ll love this tote.

Of course, if you’d rather save yourself the stress (totally worth it) and get a pre-made box, this customized option is incredibly thoughtful.

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