A Menswear Expert Shares His Essential Clothing Items for Fall 2020

It’s been, shall we say, a somewhat unconventional year for fashion. No sooner had we invested in our spring clothes than we were forced into lockdown, where we spent a cruel summer living in our sweats. And while we’re tentatively starting to head back into the world, that doesn’t necessarily mean going back to the same old suit-and-tie.

Sokrat Sokratov wearing a blue shirt: YouTuber and menswear influencer Marcel Floruss, aka One Dapper Street, recommends 15 staple clothing items for fall.

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YouTuber and menswear influencer Marcel Floruss, aka One Dapper Street, recommends 15 staple clothing items for fall.

In a new YouTube video, menswear model, designer and influencer Marcus Floruss breaks down the staple items every man should have in his wardrobe for the most casual fall ever.


Face coverings have been essential in every sense of the word for several months now, of course, and that isn’t likely to change any time soon. Chances are you already have at least one, but if you’ve been cycling through the disposable masks, then Floruss recommends Vaanuu, a medical brand that makes washable, comfortable masks in a variety of colors.

Trench coat

As fall days can be unpredictable in terms of temperature, Floruss suggests “a longer coat that is lighter weight.” There are some classic directions to go in here; a belted trench coat is timeless, as is a car coat.

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Utility jacket

In addition to a longer coat which is appropriate for work, Floruss is a big fan of bomber jackets and denim jackets for fall, but this year he is seeing more utility-style jackets out there. “These pocket jackets are definitely taking that spot,” he says. “You can dress them up, but they’re also really nice and casual.”


A shirt jacket is a handy option on those mild days when a sweater might just be overkill. “These work as a great mid-layer going into the winter season,” says Floruss.

Flannel shirt

While there’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned plaid, Floruss points out that they don’t exactly go with everything. This fall, he suggests going with a solid color flannel or denim shirt, which can be easily paired with one of the jackets or coats he’s recommended. “I think that’s about as dapper as we’ll get in 2020,” he says.

Quarter zip sweater

With everybody leaning hard into the casual side of their wardrobe this year, Floruss accepts that this has become a menswear staple, and can be a comfier alternative to rollneck sweaters. “I don’t know what my aversion was to them for the longest time, but this season I just love them,” he says.

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“What you want to make sure here is that you don’t go for the super thick fabrics like cable knits or anything, because this is going to serve as a base layer piece,” he says. “You want a thin fabric so you can layer things up top.”

Hoodie / Sweatshirt

Considering you’re probably going to live in a hoodie for the majority of the fall, you might as well pick a nice one.


A long-sleeved wool polo shirt is a “really nice base piece” for when you don’t want to try too hard, but a hoodie feels like too little.


“You already have your white and black T-shirts,” says Floruss. “Choosing some more unique colors and some thicker, more quality fabrics is really going to make your T-shirt game stronger.”

Long-sleeve T-shirt

Another staple for mild days, Floruss favors warm, earthy colors like tan and dark brown. This category also includes a forever fave; the Henley.


Floruss prefers the dark color, rigid denim and slim fit of Club Monaco jeans for autumn. And if that’s a bit dull for you, Floruss like to wear white jeans in fall and winter as they tend to be “more of a standout look” than in summer.


While these versatile alternatives to jeans might all look the same in the store, Floruss advises to be mindful of the color when buying them, as a bolder, more saturated pair will be harder to match with shoes and T-shirts, compared to a more muted, desaturated shade.


According to Floruss, corduroy and suede are the most autumnal of fabrics, and again, he likes a rich brown color here.


Need something a little sturdier than a sneaker as the weather begins to turn? Floruss recommends a couple of different options, from a “classic” pair of Doc Martens, to a slimmer Chelsea boot or split toe boot (which go better with slim or skinny fit jeans), or a combat boot, which falls somewhere in between.


Also known as the hero garment of the year. “It is 2020, we’re going to be chilling at home, you’re going to need a pair of sweatpants,” he says, “but you might want to invest in a pair that actually looks so good that you can go out of the house and not get weird looks.”

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