Amid a Fashion Month Like No Other, Scenes of a Not-So-Distant Past

Usually, by this time, fashion editors would have descended upon and then bustled all around New York, and then London, Milan and now Paris, for the test of endurance known as fashion month. Not this season. During the past few months, designers have been quick to adapt to the constraints of the pandemic, hosting virtual presentations and navigating the logistical challenges of socially distanced events with characteristic imagination. And indeed, there are numerous persuasive silver linings to the advent of the online show — fewer flights, lower costs and a somewhat democratic bent among them — though something else is lost. As the designer Ulla Johnson recently told T, a live fashion show — that extravagant, expensive, but undeniably exciting spectacle — generates a “crazy, buzzy energy” that a digital image or video can hardly match. And yet the videos here do two things: They remind us of a freer time in both fashion and the world, and also that creativity exists in many forms, on and off the runway, whether on the street, at an atelier workbench or with a beloved pet.

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