Amy Roloff Postponing Her Wedding Might Be Proof She’s Not Marrying on Roloff Farms

Season 21 of Little People, Big World is here, and fans are excited to see how Amy Roloff’s relationship with Chris Marek progresses. The two got engaged last season, and Amy is busily planning her big day. But it seems her wedding plans are postponed to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Zach Roloff recently talked about Amy’s nuptials. And her choice to postpone might also be a sign that she’s not marrying on Roloff Farms. Here’s why.

Amy Roloff is planning her wedding to Chris Marek

Amy Roloff
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After her divorce from Matt Roloff, Amy made it known she never thought she’d get married again. But Marek changed her mind. The couple seems happier than ever together, and now that Amy’s moved off of Roloff Farms and into her own place, she’s ready to have a sweet ceremony to solidify her union with Marek.

So far, it looks like Amy’s taking her time planning out her wedding — but she definitely wants to keep a few traditions alive. “I’m much more of a traditional person … I want the wedding and the reception,” Amy explained via Facebook Live. “I would like to share that experience with [Marek].”

Amy also explained that Marek has never been married before, so she definitely wants to have a ceremony that involves their friends and family instead of eloping. “I love a wedding,” Amy said on Facebook Live. “A wedding is a great day to begin the rest of your life together. Weddings are very important to me. Letting those that you want to be there to help you through that commitment.”

Zach Roloff said Amy’s wedding plans have been postponed

While Amy wasn’t in much of a rush to run down the aisle, it looks like she’ll have to wait longer than she initially expected. Due to the pandemic, having any sort of large gathering is heavily frowned upon. And it looks like wedding venues also aren’t accepting any couples.

Zach talked to Us Weekly about the wedding as well. “I think they put a lot of that on hold right now,” he told the publication in regards to Amy and Marek’s plans. And he then explained that finding the venue was a major issue. “They want to get married next summer,” Zach added. “But I think it’s, yeah, I think all that’s on hold for a second.”

It doesn’t look like Amy’s talked about her wedding too much recently. Instead, she’s focusing on Roloff Farms pumpkin season and spending quality time with Marek while navigating the pandemic.

It looks like Amy won’t be using Roloff Farms as her last-resort venue

If finding a wedding venue is the biggest issue currently, it’s quite possible Amy could use Roloff Farms as her venue. All of Matt and Amy’s kids have used the farm property to either have their wedding, their reception, or both. But Amy’s noted in the recent past that she’d only ever use Roloff Farms as a last resort.

Amy’s friend asked her back in May via Instagram if she’d consider tying the knot on the farm property. “You know, I think it really depends what happens with the farm and everything,” Amy said. “I’ve got a place locally here that we’re looking at, one that’s about an hour, maybe from the farm right now, one that’s a half hour …. Hopefully, one of those will work other than the farm.”

On the current season of LPBW, Amy’s having a lot of difficulty moving off of Roloff Farms. So it makes sense that she’d want to keep her wedding separate from the home of 30 years she may still be grieving. In any case, we’re excited to hear more about the wedding as Amy offers more info!

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