Andrew GN’s SS21 Collection Challenges Fashion To Be Audacious In The Midst Of Pandemic

With sixty-five looks, designer Andrew GN created his SS21 collection that not only evokes hope but has the gall to stand up and fight for an industry that brings light to the world. Themed ‘May There Be Light,’ it is all about boldly moving forward in the unknown to produce fruit in the fashion ecosystem.

“During the lockdown, like many others, I had a lot of time to think about my purpose and my work,” shares Andrew GN in a statement. “We have to move forward. We have to project ourselves towards better times. We, designers, are the core and the driving force of the whole fashion ecosystem. The weavers, printers, embroiderers, ateliers, all depend on our creative work. We must keep on.”

He and his creative team are not bothered by questions of who can wear specially designed clothes during a pandemic. His motive is to create. “If we think within that limiting scope, we stop fighting, and the whole system stops and collapses,” he muses. “We accept to loose the war.”

And loosing is not an option. He created a collection that brings hope, pleasure and joy, despite the situation of the world. Andrew is hopeful that the world will be celebrating again.

The collection includes whites, as it symbolizes purity, cleansing, and rebirth. With white he has been able to bring in materials like guipure, silk, lace, tweed, and fringe. These textures offer some of the looks to have contrasting textures.

There are various color palettes of tangerine, chartreuse, pale turquoise, blush pink, peacock blue and Sahara beige.

And let’s not forget prints, one inspired by his mother’s Japanese kimono, called ‘Iris Border,’ occupies the collection. The print is reminding of Japanese watercolors from the Meiji period. And another print ‘Impression of Cherry Blossom’ is inspired by contemporary paintings that Andrew GN, and he worked with his team to create from imagination.

Watch Andrew GN’s SS21 Fashion Show

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