Bengaluru’s Hotelier Community Comes Together to ‘Gift’ Free Meals to the Needy

The hotelier community in Bengaluru have come together to start a community social service initiative called “Sanchigondu”​ in which customers will be given the offer to buy coupons to buy a meal for the economically disadvantageous amid the Covid-19 crisis.

The project by the Bruhat Bengaluru Hotel Association, Rotary Bangalore South Parade, and Corona Warriors Banashankari is inspired by a similar initiative undertaken in Venice, Italy popularly known as “One for me and One for the wall”. The initiative offers people buy a meal for themselves and pay for another extra meal which can be given to the needy. The donation is held in trust by the hotelier and displayed as a paid receipt stuck on the wall, which the needy can claim.

Localising the concept, by calling it Sanchigondu where ‘sanchi’ in kannada mean ‘a small sack’, people can pay for these meals and can be redeemed by anyone. Over 50 hotels in Bengaluru have come forward to implement the idea.

PC Rao, President of the Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels Association says that the concept has been welcomed by many. “We feel obliged to give back to the society that has supported our businesses at all times. We are happy to serve for this cause and we look forward to increasing the number of hotels in the coming days,” he said.

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