Buy a $100 Netflix or Hulu gift card to get a free $10 Best Buy reward

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SCORE A FREE GIFT CARD: As of Oct. 5, Best Buy will give you a free $10 e-gift card with the purchase of a $100 Netflix or Hulu gift card anytime through Oct. 8.

Fun fact: The long Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend in November is typically one of the only times of the year we run into discounts on popular streaming services’ plans. (Flashback to 2019, when Hulu gave away one-year subscriptions for just $2 a month and annual Disney+ plans were $10 off. Good times, good times.)

No word yet on whether any streaming services will be gracing us with discounts for Amazon Prime Day come Oct. 13 — you might have to hold out until November to get or gift a subscription at a discounted rate. Ahead of time, though, one retailer has presented us with a stellar opportunity to save a little more: If you buy a $100 Netflix or Hulu gift card from Best Buy at any point through Oct. 8, you’ll receive a free $10 e-gift card to put toward some gadgets on your Prime Day wishlist.

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To redeem your gift card, simply head to your inbox after completing your purchase — a “Ready to Download” email will be waiting there. Hit the link in that email to access your Digital Library on — make sure you’re logged into your account first — and then click the button there to download your reward. (Here’s a step-by-step guide to bookmark, in case you need a refresher when the time comes.)

Best Buy doesn’t run its own official sale in tandem with Prime Day like Walmart and Target are doing with their Big Save event and Deals Days, respectively, but we can pretty much guarantee you’ll see some amazing deals on its site when Oct. 13 rolls around. Keep your eyes peeled for discounts on Amazon devices, 4K TVs, and some of the newer Apple products that just got an update.

But enough chit-chat — smash either of the blue buttons below to grab a $100 Netflix or Hulu gift card from Best Buy and snag one of those free $10 e-gift cards while you still can.

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