Buy Procter And Gamble And Ulta Beauty

October is the most volatile month, has brought the largest one-day declines, and has usually closed on the upside. The coming week is OPEX (options expiration week) which has a bullish bias in the month of October.

Here are two stock recommendations for the short term.

The PG daily cycle (8 of 8 signals correct) bottoms on October 11th and tops on October 18th. The weekly cycle (8 of 9 accurate) is also bullish. October has been the strongest month to hold PG, up 68.3% of all such months over the last 41 years. The target is $150 by months end.  

PG Daily Cycle

PG Daily Graph

The ULTA daily cycle (12 of the last 13 have been accurate) bottoms on October 13th and tops on November 15th. The weekly and the monthly cycles also are rising and all buy signals have been profitable.

ULTA Daily Cycle

ULTA Daily Graph



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