Can you pronounce these 15 health ingredients?

You’ve been saying them wrong! Guide reveals how to pronounce beauty and wellness ingredients – with jojoba, shea and turmeric regularly leaving people tongue tied

  • Scandinavian brand New Nordic surveyed people on names of health products
  • Found two thirds of those asked thought jojoba oil is pronounced ‘jo-jo-bah’ 
  • Results also showed that 58 per cent of Brits pronounce Turmeric wrongly

Over the past few years, we have all become more health conscious – health and beauty products are expected to be the fastest growing sector by 2022. 

However, new research by Scandinavian health and beauty brand New Nordic shows that we struggle to pronounce several health terms properly after they surveyed people on the names of many health products and ingredients.

The research also revealed the three most mispronounced wellness ingredients, with Jojoba oil landing top spot, quinoa in second and turmeric being the third.   

So how do we actually pronounce them?

New research by Scandinavian health and beauty brand New Nordic has revealed the skincare ingredients leaving us tongue tied and how to pronounce them. Pictured, stock image

Two thirds of those asked thought jojoba oil is pronounced ‘jo-jo-bah’ but the ‘j’ is actually pronounced as an ‘h’, like in Spanish. This powerful ingredient helps nourish dry skin and balance oily areas.

Quinoa, which contains vitamin A, is not only a popular food, but is also great for reducing hyperpigmentation. However, 60 per cent of those tested pronounce it wrong, thinking it is ‘kin-oh-a’ instead of ‘keen-waa’.

Shockingly, despite turmeric being a common ingredient both in skincare and in cooking, 58 per cent of Brits say ‘tew-mur-ik’, rather than its correct pronunciation of ‘tuh-muh-ruhk’ with a soft ‘r’ sound that is similar to an ‘uh’.

The key to hydrated skin, Hylauronic Acid is the ingredient of the moment included across nearly all facial products to give glowy healthy looking skin. 

Jojoba Oil jo-jo-bah oil go-go-bah oil  ho-ho-bah oil 
Quinoa  kin-oh-a  kin-wah  keen-waa 
Turmeric  Tur-mer-rik  tew-mur-rik  tuh-muh-ruhk 
Hylauronic Acid  hy-lah-ron-ik as-id  hy-low-ron-ik as-id  hy-a-lur-onic as-id 
Niacinamide  nee-a-sin-a-myde  nee-a-sin-a-mid  nye-a-sin-a-myde 
Benzoic Acid  benz-ok as-id  ben-zoyk as-id  ben-zo-ic as-id 
Salicylic Acid  sal-syl-ik as-id  sal-i-sylk as-id  sal-i-sil-ik as-id 
Astaxanthin  ass-ta-san-thin as-id  asta-ex-an-thin as-id  asta-zan-thin 
Benzoyl Peroxide  ben-zoyl per-ox-ide  ben-zee-oil per-ox-ide  ben-zoe-il peer-oks-ide 
Glycerin  gl-eye-suh-rin  gli-ser-rin  gli-suh-ruhn 
Shea Butter  sh-ay-a but-er  sh-ee but-er  she-a-but-er 
Rhodiola  ro-ho-dee-oh-la  row-di-oh-la  roh-dee-oh-la 
Alpha-Hydroxy Acid  al-pah hy-drox-y as-id  al-pha hy-drox-i as-id  al-pha-hy-drox-y as-id 
Beta Carotene  bay-tah kay-roe-teen  bee-tah cah-roe-teen  beh-tah cah-roe-teen 
Matcha  mat-ka  ma-sha  ma-chuh 

Despite finding it on the back of almost every hydrating serum, it proves a tricky one to pronounce with just over half (53%) getting it wrong with many missing the silent ‘a’ at the beginning, thinking it’s ‘hy-low-ron-ik as-id’.

Other ingredients that were clear tongue-twisters for many Brits were common skincare serum ingredients such as Niacinamide, pronounced ‘nye-a-sin-a-myde’, Benzoic Acid, pronounced ‘ben-zo-ic-as-id’ and Salicylic Acid, pronounced ‘sal-i-sil-ik as-id’.

One ingredient that Brits didn’t stumble on too much is matcha, often used in teas, face creams and soothing masks. 

The correct pronunciation of this popular super powder ground from green tea leave is ‘ma-chuch’ which 86 per cent got correct. 


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