Caring for Your Gold Jewelry Pieces

There is a great feeling that comes with affording pure gold jewelry. You might have saved for it for ages, and now that you finally own it, you must also know that just like every other thing, it can wear out. It is also worth noting that caring for it will allow it to maintain its shininess and make it durable. 

Gold bracelets for women are sleek and are no doubt a timeless jewelry piece that will never be out of style. Women are always on the lookout for that stylish bracelet that they can wear to meetings and parties.

You may be owning a few gold pieces of jewelry, or that most of your jewelry pieces are golden. Therefore, you must know and understand the various caring tips you can apply to ensure your favorite jewelry pieces last forever. 

Top Caring Tips for Gold Jewelry

Some of the tips, which you can apply to ensure you are taking good care of your jewelry include the following.

  1. Wearing care bits of advice

  • Knowing that gold is a very soft metal, it is prone to scratches and dents. Scratches and dents affect the luster of your gold pieces. A scratched or dented gold jewelry looks old and of low value. 
  • Therefore, to maintain their shine and to make them even more durable, you ought to be mindful of them. you can remove them when participating in a sport where there is high contact with people and other objects.
  • Make it a habit to remove your gold bracelet or any other jewelry before entering into a spa or a pool. You must know that gold reacts badly when exposed to chlorine. Chlorine weakens gold pieces which may result in their breakage over time. Therefore, removing them ensures no contact between your gold jewelry and chlorine.
  • We cannot escape performing house chores, where we mostly come into contact with household cleaners and other acids. Therefore, to protect your gold pieces from getting damaged by the household cleaners, it is advisable that you use gloves, or remove them entirely. 
  • When preparing yourself, it is wise that you adorn the jewelry last. You can wait for the make-up and the body lotions to dry, or set in before you wear the jewelry. That way there is limited exposure of the gold jewelry to damage from the lotions, perfumes, and make-up.  
  1. Cleaning tips

  • When removing dust, always use a cotton ball or a soft cloth to wipe gently the golden pieces to avoid scratching and causing them to lose their luster.
  • For jewelry that requires more cleaning, you can soak them in soap water for a few minutes, then use a soft brush to brush gently to remove any accumulations of oil and dirt. Finish cleaning them using clean water and blot dry using a cloth. To make them shinier, you can use a jewelry polishing cloth.
  • Perform cleaning on the gold jewelry only when necessary. Do not overdo it as it may cause the pieces to wear out fast. Also, always stick to using the jeweler approved cleaners only. 
  • When cleaning the jewelry, be vigilant so that you do not brush off damaged or broken parts of the jewelry and cause even more damage.
  1. Storage tips

  • Proper storage of gold jewelry is vital.
  • Always ensure that you store the jewelry in the jewelry box, with a clean and dry fabric lined inside the box. 
  • When storing the golden pieces, you should wrap them individually in a soft cloth. This minimizes their exposure.
  • Also, you must store the gold pieces in separate boxes, since using one box to store many pieces of jewelry may cause them to rub against each other, which may result in scratches and dents.   

Apart from the above tips, always ensure you have your jeweler check your gold jewelry for any loose or damaged parts.


Maintaining and caring for gold jewelry is easy. Everyone that owns gold jewelry should do it. Caring for gold jewelry increases their durability and will enable them to give you boundless service for years.