Chic accessories that can never go out of style

Chic accessories that can never go out of style

01 Oct 2020: Chic accessories that can never go out of style

Fashion trends change often, which makes it difficult to invest in accessories.

But here is the catch: There are some accessories that have always stayed in style, no matter what.

If you don’t want to change your entire style by following trends yet remain stylish, here are some evergreen accessories that can never go out of fashion.

Bags: Crossbody to messenger, bags are the most useful accessory

The biggest flaw in women clothing is the lack of pockets. Carrying your money, phones, keys is a problem.

This issue is solved by handbags that have slowly evolved into style staples. From messenger and crossbody, these bags are functional and add a chic element to your outfit.

In recent years, bags have also included bold details like flashy hardware.

Boots: Feet might feel stuffy, but boots can go with anything

Boots can make a simple outfit several times more powerful and stylish.

They might make your feet feel stuffy, but you can team your boots with dresses, jeans, rompers, skirts and more. A pair of black boots can always help you amp up your look.

Riding boots are great for autumn season. Duck boots and Chelsea boots in lighter shades are the current rage.

Necklaces: A string of pearl can make any outfit look classy

Necklaces might sound old-timey, but they can go well with many outfits because of their timelessness.

You can always wear necklaces as a statement piece with evening gowns, crop tops, short dresses et al. Just don’t overdo it.

In fact, a string of pearls in your wardrobe can be quite handy. It can make any outfit look classy and regal.

Scarves: Scarves can help you look chic, add color to outfits

Scarves started out as a way to combat cold, but they have now evolved into an essential fashion piece.

Whether it is knit, flannel, blanket or cable knit, scarves can help you look chic. Even hair scarves are such a perfect accessory.

Additionally, they are mostly pretty colorful. They can help you splash some colors on your outfits, especially the dark monochromatic ones.

Bracelets: Buy a super sparkly bracelet set: Mix-n-match, or wear separately

Many ’90s movies introduced the trend of funky bracelets. But they have never stopped being cool!

From overwhelmingly neon to simple statement pieces, bracelets are here to stay, probably forever.

The best way to have a stylish bracelet game is to get a super sparkly set that you can stack, mix and match, or wear separately, depending on your mood.

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