Cisauk station best model of integration of transportation modes: govt

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi believes that the Cisauk Railway Station in Tangerang District, Banten Province, can serve as an ideal model for the integration of transportation modes.

“(Station) Cisauk from Sinarmas Land is the best intermodal transportation. We have just proved it earlier that riding a bicycle for more than three kilometers is okay. What does it mean is that people can ride a bicycle if they want to go to office,” he noted during a visit to the Cisauk train station, Tangerang, Banten, on Sunday.

Sumadi expressed optimism that such an integration by a private company, such as the Sinarmas Land at Cisauk Station, can whet public interest to use means of public transportation.

The number of people using mass transportation is only close to some 30 percent, with the remaining 70 percent of the population still using private vehicles, the minister pointed out.

“The number of people using mass transportation is only approximately 30 percent, whereas ideally, it should be 60 percent, so (let us) use means of mass transportation,” he emphasized.

The minister expounded that the Ministry of Transportation is currently pushing for intermodal transportation integration, including integrating bicycling and mass transportation.

“Mass transit will not exist if there is no (integration) of its intermodal transportation. For instance, seamless integration between trains and buses, trains and planes, trains and private cars, and today trains and bicycles,” he explained.

Cisauk Train Station is one of the public transportation facilities to have been integrated in Tangerang in line with the rapid growth in population and economy in this region.

In addition to the electric railroad (KRL), this intermodal transportation is also integrated with the bus terminal and modern market. It also offers facilities that support passengers using bicycles.
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