Clean Hair Care Brand Innersense Organic Beauty Announces Packaging Refresh With Transition To Bottles Made Of 100% PCR

“Our refreshed packaging begins our transition into more circular packaging options such as refillables and other sustainable alternatives. Hair care poses unique packaging challenges as opposed to skincare or makeup,” shares Greg Starkman, Innersense Organic Beauty founder. “Hair care packaging is larger in size, heavier in weight, and typically sits in our showers, so the bottles have to be functional and safe in a wet environment. PCR plastic is the most natural next step for our packaging. By purchasing PCR, we are doing our part to spur demand for recycled materials, which we hope will have ripple effects toward improving the domestic recycling market.”

The packaging update contributes to the brand’s Mission in Action, a plan introduced three years ago with the goal to become “plastic proactive.” This year, Innersense Organic Beauty made the commitment to cleaning up the equivalent of the last 5 years of their plastic output with the help of Plastic Bank. It went even further with a commitment to clean up 150% of its annual plastic output.

“Any material, whether it be glass, aluminum, or plastic, comes with an environmental impact. We’re determined to utilize materials that lead us into a sustainable future and encourage a circular economy. As more innovation in materials and recycling infrastructure presents itself, we’ll continue to be early adopters,” shares Starkman. “We have always cared for our customers and our environment. Now is the time to put our mission into action and be part of the solution, not the problem.”

About Innersense Organic Beauty
Beauty professionals Greg and Joanne Starkman founded Innersense Organic Beauty to bring clean, pure and toxin-free hair care to salons, stylists and consumers seeking to make healthier choices. A leader in the clean hair care movement, the brand is found globally in salons, specialty beauty retailers and e-retailers.

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