Could beauty salons close again under new lockdown restrictions?

Could your manicure be off the cards again? (Picture: Getty Images)

Large parts of England are set to face new lockdown restrictions in the coming days as coronavirus cases continue to surge.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce a new three-tier lockdown system in Parliament on Monday, with different areas set to adopt different rules based on the case numbers in their area.

It’s thought several towns in the north of England may go straight into the top tier, which could potentially see a ban on households mixing and the closure of some non-essential businesses.

With that in mind, could beauty salons be forced to close their doors once again, just a couple of months after they were allowed to reopen?

Could beauty salons close again under new lockdown restrictions?

So far there has been no confirmation on which non-essential businesses, or those in hospitality and leisure, might be required to close in the event of new lockdown restrictions.

There has been some speculation that pubs and bars in areas with very high rates of Covid infection might be asked to close – and some reports have suggested that members of Parliament are debating whether venues such as beauty salons should be allowed to remain open in those parts of the country.

However, we’ll have to wait until the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday to hear which businesses may be asked to close, and in which parts of the country.

While there may be speculation that beauty salons and similar businesses could be asked to close in ‘red tier’ areas, there’s been no suggestion so far that may be the case in other parts of the country under less stringent restrictions.

Those areas in the ‘amber tier’ look set to face stricter rules on mixing with other households, while ‘green tier’ areas will abide by the current rules of 10pm curfews on pubs, bars and restaurants and the ‘rule of six’ around how many people can meet up at once.

It’s thought, however, that hospitality and leisure businesses will be allowed to remain open in these areas.

When did beauty salons reopen?

Face treatments took time to return (Picture: Getty Images)

Beauty salons were allowed to reopen again following lockdown on July 13.

Initially, however, they were only allowed to do certain treatments, with those involving the face – including dermarolling, electrolysis, eyelash and eyebrow treatments and waxing – off limits, as well as facials.

These were eventually permitted in mid-August as restrictions were further relaxed.

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