CyFair Women’s Club continues mission during pandemic

They’re building a small army of service-oriented volunteers with talent and time to make their community better. Despite the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, the Cy-Fair Women’s Club continues to extend their sphere of influence and work ethic to provide assistance for those who need it most in the community.

They can be found behind the concession counters at the Berry Center or distributing food for people in need. They attend monthly meetings to plan their service projects and then act on those plans brightening the lives of hundreds of their fellow citizens. While money is offered to students for scholarships — some $61,000 during 2020 — and aids other charitable organizations in the community, it’s their leadership that most rely on in the community.

One board member put it succinctly.

“While we are primarily a women’s group, we certainly don’t discriminate! We are always looking for civic-minded, service-oriented people who want to share their time and talents for the benefit of our neighbors in need,” she wrote.

Dues to join the volunteers is $30 annually and a request to serve on two of their service committees, and work at Shop ‘Till You Drop in September annually. The deepest requirement is a heart to serve the community.

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President Melissa Edwards describes the mission of the Cy-Fair Women’s Club and their role in serving the community.

Q: Would you share a little bit of the history of your organization? How did you get started? Year?

A: The club was incorporated on Oct. 29, 1982 as the Copperfield Women’s Club for the purpose of providing public service programs to benefit residents of the Copperfield area and northwest Harris County. In 2005, the club began operating exclusively as a 501(c)3 charitable organization. In January of 2012, the Copperfield Women’s Club changed its name to Cy-Fair Women’s Club to better reflect the community that the club serves.

In a few words, what’s the mission of your group?

A: Our mission is “Bringing women together to better our community.”

As a social group, how have you handled meetings during the pandemic? Has this hurt your attendance?

A: We are a service-based organization, although we do have monthly social outings scheduled once a month as well. We have our meetings the first Thursday of each month, (which) only changes as needed for holidays. During the pandemic we have carried on our monthly meetings via Zoom. We still have women attend the meetings, but not as many as we previously had in person.

Are you back to in-person meetings or when do you plan to resume, if you discontinued?

A: In October, we had our first both in-person and virtual meeting. If women were not comfortable meeting in person, they were able to attend virtually. We will continue to conduct meetings like this for a while.

How do you raise your funds?

A: Our annual fundraiser is our Shop ‘til You Drop Marketplace, which takes place the second Saturday in September every year. STYD is a marketplace held at the Berry Center. It is considered the first of the holiday show season and features more than 250 booths with no entry fee for shoppers. We also help run concessions at the Berry Center for multiple events and receive a portion of the proceeds. We also assist the Lion’s Club with their concessions at their baseball fields. We have many club sponsors as well that help fund donations to other organizations.

How is the money spent

A: We have no full- or part-time employees, and we are a registered charity 501(c)3 organization. The money we receive from fundraising goes towards scholarships for CFISD seniors — $1,000 each — and other charitable events that are vetted and voted upon for their needs. To donate, you can visit our website at www.cyfairwomensclub.org for more information and we do have a donation button on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/cyfairwomensclub

What are some of your service projects in the community? What kind of impact are you seeing with your involvement?

A: Unfortunately, because of COVID, we have been unable to do as many in-person service projects as we normally do. However, we donate a minimum of 300 boxes of macaroni and cheese to Cy-Fair Helping Hands every month and we have been able to continue this. We have helped with Reach Unlimited, Mesa Outreach, Lions Club, Cy-Hope, Habitat for Humanity, and Mission of Yaweh to name a few.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add about your organization?

A: We are a community service-based organization of women who are committed to providing charitable services through nonprofit organizations in the northwest Harris County/Cy-Fair area. We donate funds to many of our neighborhood school libraries and clubs as well as community organizations.

Lastly, how do like-minded women join your organization?

A: For more information about the club, the website has a lot of information. Also, you can contact us at [email protected] and our VP Membership will be glad to answer any questions. Also, women can come to a meeting to see what it is all about. The annual dues are currently $30. We have an application that allows women to sign up for different committees they would like to focus on within the club. With the challenges we’ve all faced in 2020, service-oriented members will be even more essential to our mission in 2021. Please contact us! We’d love to welcome you to our club.

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