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Some medical conditions can be alleviated with compression clothing, according to Cleveland Clinic. For example, compression stockings may diminish muscle swelling in legs.

However, compression fitness clothing is not intended to treat medical issues but is designed to “deliver specific levels of pressure” to certain limbs, informed

In March, listed four main reasons why health- and fitness-conscious individuals are interested in wearing compression clothing:

1. Weight loss: For someone who might be overweight and/or just beginning to exercise the intention is for muscle strains and tears to be minimized or avoided so that a person can participate in fitness to its fullest.
2. Support: “The garments still allow your body to move freely both during and after exercise.”
3. Minimization of muscle damage: Especially for exercises that require repetitive motion, such as cycling and running.
4. Enhanced circulation: Resulting in muscles recovering more quickly. instructed consumers interested in purchasing compression clothing to try them on and make certain they are “tight, but not restrictive.” Often, manufacturers of compression clothing will provide recommendations regarding sizing and fit.

A primary compression clothing purchase is tights, asserted “… your legs are your largest muscle group and wearing compression there will return the maximum benefits for someone looking to get the best value and benefit.”

Regarding socks, a Fleet Feet report suggested consumers try on products designed with a “graduated compression,” meaning tighter at the ankle or lowest point on a leg: “The compression must be at least 20mmHg in the ankle to actually penetrate the deep veins and provide maximum benefit. Most brands that are producing true compression will cite their compression level on the package.”

The bottom line, pointed out Shape last September, is that compression benefits blood flow and blood vessels “and having the support of compression clothing can reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness” so that people can exercise regularly.

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