Emily Ratajkowski on Her Evolving Beauty Routine, and Her New Partnership With Loops

Photo: Courtesy of Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowksi, the girl with the luminescent skin, has had her hands full lately. The queen of the multi-hyphenate, a businesswoman-actress-model, has conquered everything from clothing (her line Inamorata probably dots your Instagram) and hair (consider those bombshell ads for Kerastase) to writing (she’s spent the last year working on a collection of essays). Today, she adds another industry to her resume as she launches her venture into skincare as the creative director and partner of the celebrity-beloved sheet mask company Loops. 

Ratajkowski fell in love with the label while test-driving a bevy of beauty products after being stuck being indoors during COVID-19. “I used to not do sheet masks and now I have gone full circle and I really like them,” she says. When the pandemic started, Ratajkowski says, she got “more interested in beauty and self care.” For over two months of lockdown, she had been with her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, and close friends, the Fat Jewish and his wife Caitlin King, who had received several packets of Loops as a gift. The group tried them out, and Ratajkowski was instantly drawn to the packaging and their no-fuss use. “We all did them and were like, ‘These are really nice,’” she says. “They made an impression on me not just because of the product themselves but the packaging and the experience of a sheet mask.” Loops masks are targeted for varied skincare needs, like detoxing post-workout, nighttime moisturizing, and another to induce a “glow” before a major event. Each one is packaged in a delicious-looking candy-hued zip-bag. 

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