Emma Corrin’s look in replica of Princess Diana’s wedding dress revealed

Fans who are awaiting “The Crown” season 4 to witness Princess Diana’s story have been given the first glimpse at Emma Corrin’s avatar of the late princess in her wedding dress. And the resemblance is uncanny.

The 24-year-old actress Emma Corrin is playing the most famous woman of the world for the fourth season of Peter Morgan’s “The Crown.” The streaming giant and series’ original home Netflix has shared a photo of Corrin as Diana Spencer in her iconic wedding dress.

“A first glimpse of Princess Diana’s wedding dress. Emmy award-winning costume designer Amy Roberts wanted to capture the same spirit and style of David & Elizabeth Emanuel’s original design, without creating a replica for Emma Corrin,” reads the caption of the photo that gives a full-length look at the dress.

The actress is dressed in the replica of Princess Diana’s wedding dress that became one of the most famous dresses in the world. The original dress as designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel was an ivory silk taffeta and antique lace gown and featured a 25-foot train and 153-yard tulle veil.

The fans had mixed reaction to the post. While some pointed out the striking resemblance between Diana and Corrin, others looked disappointed with the replica tiara and veil.

“She really looks like Diana, I had to do a double take!,” one fan commented.

“Dress is a very nice tribute. The veil and the tiara are clearly a big miss. The veil is too thick and the tiara looks like a picket fence it’s so big. Back to the drawing board pleeaasssseee on those two items,” the other one said.

However, this is not the first time fans got a glimpse of the dress. The trailer released in August showed Corrin in the dress. However, the view was from behind as she prepares to walk down the aisle to marry Prince Charles on July 29, 1981 at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Speaking with British Vogue, Corrin described the moment she wore the iconic dress and stepped out. “We were filming the scene when you first see her in the wedding dress – I think it was Lancaster House in London – and I had a team of about 10 people helping me put it on, because it’s massive. I walked out and everyone went completely silent. More than anything else I wear in the series, it’s so… It’s her,” she said.

In “The Crown” season 4 Corrin plays Lady Diana from the age of 16 years to her 20s, the time she met Charles and got married to him. She will be replaced by Elizabeth Debicki for season 5 and 6.

Princess Diana
1 February 1983: A portrait of Diana, Princess of Wales at her home in Kensington Palace, London
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“The Crown” season 4 releases on Nov. 15 on Netflix.