EXCLUSIVE: Leepakshi Ellawadi on how to look summer-ready with accessories & take formal wear to next-level

EXCLUSIVE: Leepakshi Ellawadi on how to look summer-ready with accessories & take formal wear to next-level


The chicest wardrobe is built on what’s sprouting hot season-wise and once you have this right, the next is to ensure that your style meets the most glam spot. If it makes you feel fabulous, you simply wear it and accessorise it by putting your sartorial mind to work. Here’s exactly what a stylist aims to do, to ensure every celebrity getup doesn’t miss the mark but has fashion-savvy fans on their toes to pick up tips as references are served. 


Pinkvilla caught up with Leepakshi Ellawadi for an interview, and the costume designer and celebrity fashion stylist continue to have us sold with her exceptional influence on fashion. Having put together looks for eminent Bollywood celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Vicky Kaushal, Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma, Disha Patani, and more, she’s a style genius of a strong force to behold, hence proved. 


If you can’t wait any longer to make your summer style look spruced up, here are all the tips she gave us that you’d use whether you’re stepping out under the steamy sun or staying indoors hours together in front of your work desk. 



1. While florals run synonyms with spring and summer, what are some of the other big trends we can expect to see? 


Ultra Crop tops the micros with a back-to-school vibe. I see more gauzy tops, maxi dresses, and oversized shirts, the big voluminous looks will continue through 2022 as ballooned hemlines and sleeves were seen in 2021. 


2. How do you suggest people take their formal wear up a notch these coming months?


I think we are really rethinking formal wear. With the rise of WFH, the rise of easy abs suitable work-from-home wear will go hand in hand. Even after an overdose of sweatpants, sporty pieces will continue to dominate as seen earlier on the runways of Loewe, Bottega, Dior, and every big name you can think of. 


3. For men, what are some simple ways in which they can look cool and stay comfortable?


The right fabric for the Indian summer has always been cotton. The good thing is that we have multiple choices now and the lines between very defined formal and casual are diminishing. So early semi-formal is the way to go. 


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4. Accessories truly upgrade a look. But with the sweltering weather, what are some accessories we can do away with and others we can compensate for this season?


Headbands come in handy for humid weather. I use a lot of fabric bands, and twillies to wrap it with my watch and bracelet and make it look cool. I avoid big chunky necklaces and balance them out with earrings and hand accessories. 




What are your favourite summer accessories? Let us know in the comments below.


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