Fall golf gift guide 2020: Minimal bags, fitness devices, comfortable shoes top this year’s list

Fall is here, and the holiday season is right around the corner. This year’s fall golf gift guide includes a few tried-and-true items but also a couple of newcomers to the category. From clothing and clubs to shoes and technology, there is something for everyone no matter their age or experience level.

Hope you enjoy perusing either for yourself or someone in your life who you think could use some new golf gear. The items below have been chosen from a variety of categories so as to ensure there are great options at multiple price points.

Whoop Band ($30/month | Whoop): I’ve been wearing one of these for the last two months, and I love it. Because I work out almost daily and have started caring more about how much sleep I’m getting, the Whoop device provides the feedback I want for how fit I am in the present and what I need to do to get there. Quick, easy feedback and a device that you can charge while still wearing, I love what Whoop has created.


Linksoul Polartec Pullover ($150 | Linksoul): You cannot buy a bad product from Linksoul, but this one in particular is one I’ve loved over the last few months. As we approach vest and pullover season, this is the perfect pullover to keep you both warm and comfortable. Linksoul has done such a great job of combining style with fit, and this is yet another example.


Sunday Golf Loma Bag ($115 | Sunday Golf): I recently took this bag out to a local par-3 course with my 6-year-old son, and we carried all the clubs, balls and tees we needed in it for the entire day. It’s light, easy to carry and contains everything you need (and more importantly, nothing you don’t). The design of this bag is incredibly detailed and very impressive. Golf bags might not be the first thing you think of when you think of craftsmanship, but you will when you use this bag.

Sunday Golf

TecTecTec ULT-G GPS Watch ($119 | TecTecTec): This is a good, low-cost product in the GPS category for golfers, and it contains 36,000 pre-loaded courses for you to navigate. I’ve been mostly playing par 3s these days (see above), but if and when I get back on the bigger courses, this watch would be a nice addition to the toolbelt.


ECCO S-Three Golf Shoes ($200 | ECCO): My editor wears these shoes and said they have significantly enhanced his comfort on the course. The S-Three is soft and breathable, and its exterior works in any climate, which is great in the wet Florida weather he experiences. It’s also stylish, looking good in the tee box and working just as well in the clubhouse. The thick insoles are removable and washable, too. There are four colors available in men’s sizes and two in women’s sizes.


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