Follow these tips for tux shopping to make sure your wedding attire measures up | Weddings

“Since March 15, we’ve had several weddings where the couples had bought and paid for rentals of tuxedos and suits online and the retailers simply stopped communicating with them,” Lerner says. “The weddings were happening, and the couples had no response.”

The pandemic no doubt has been a contributing factor, with layoffs, closures, mail delays and shortages of manufactured goods and raw materials in the apparel industry, he says.

“When you have things bought and paid for and you don’t communicate with the bride and groom in the weeks leading up to the wedding, that’s a problem,” Lerner says.

Lerner’s shop, Bel Air Fashions, sometimes has come to the rescue with just two weeks to pull everything together. “We’ve had Zoom and FaceTime calls and after-hours appointments to help couples.”

The clothier stresses the need to finalize your wedding attire six to nine months in advance. And to get everyone in your wedding party measured by a professional.

Going the wedding suit (not tuxedo) route can alleviate some anxiety about receiving rental attire in time for the wedding, Lerner says. Price-wise it can be a wash. And everyone ends up with a classic suit for future use.

“The thing is, when done right, everybody is going to look great for the wedding and look wonderful for the pictures,” Lerner says. “That’s what you should be paying for.”

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