Former LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow Notches First NFL Win in Record Setting Fashion

Joe Burrow is no longer winless in his NFL career. On Sunday the LSU rookie picked up the first win of his young career, setting a little NFL history in the process. Burrow passed for 300 yards and a touchdown in a 33-25 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Burrow became the first rookie in NFL history to have three consecutive games of 300+ passing yards. But in typical Burrow fashion, that record doesn’t faze him much.

“We got the win, that’s all I care about,” Burrow said. “It feels good to win, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to win football games. I’ll throw it zero or 100 times, I’ll throw for seven or 500 it doesn’t matter to me.”

That mindset is certainly nothing new to the LSU fans who have followed Burrow for the last two years. Of course LSU fans also remember the struggle that first year up front on the offensive line and how much of a beating Burrow took that first season. The unit eventually came together during that offseason in 2019 and put together an historic national championship campaign. 

Through three weeks of his NFL career, Burrow was looking to be running for his life as he was sacked 14 times and put on the ground countless other times. However on Sunday in the team’s first win he wasn’t sacked and the Bengals offense put over 500 yards between the run and pass.

When asked what he’s doing with the game ball from his first win, Burrow gave a legendary answer.

“It’s going right back in the ball bag,” Burrow said. 

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