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Hand luggage is a great way to save space and money when it comes to flying. Some airlines even allow you to have a small case onboard when you fly which means you can save more space in your checked baggage. However, airlines often have a strict carry-on baggage policy which means passengers can only bring a certain weight limit onto the plane.

Some travellers have often found themselves emptying their hand luggage at the airport to try and hit the airline’s stringent weight restrictions rules.

The weight of hold luggage on certain airlines can often be extremely low which means travellers need to be smart when they pack to get the most out of their allotted space.

Recently, people took to the forum site Reddit to share their hand luggage tips.

Frequent travellers revealed their tips for getting around weight restrictions which included not packing certain clothing items.

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They said: “Pack all neutral colours (black, white, grey, beige).

“Everything goes with everything else.”

Another user said to try and “reduce the number of shoes” people pack.

They added: “You don’t need anything super dressy, unless you’re going to a formal event, and you don’t need a different pair of shoes for every outfit.”

Avoiding bulky items such as toiletries, hairdryers and medicines are also tips that others suggested.

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Toiletries can often be bought abroad and are usually provided by hotels if you’re staying in one.

“Don’t carry any toiletries,” one user said.

“Like, at all,” they added: “Except for extremely necessary or expensive things.”

However, one user said that hand luggage weight restrictions don’t really matter and that airlines only care whether your bag will fit into the overhead compartment.

The user said: “Bring more than 7kg. No, really, most airlines don’t care so much.

“If your bag looks small-ish and light you are good to go. As long as it fits into the overhead compartment you’ll be fine.

“If somebody asks you if you have bags to check-in you just say ‘no’ and there won’t be further questions.

“I’ve been travelling for over two years without checking in any bags and I travel with two bags with a total of around 12kg.

“One goes into the overhead compartment, one goes below the seat.”

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