Heirloom-Quality Gifts for Grads Who Appreciate Craftsmanship

The grad in your life is officially embarking on their journey through adulthood. School may be over, but they certainly have a lot more to learn. It can be difficult to choose the right gift for this particular milestone, but nothing says “I think your future is bright” quite like a gift that will literally last lifetimes. Send them out into the world with a pep in their step and a gift they’ll love now and cherish always – a reminder that you’re proud of what they’ve done, excited to see who they’ll become and that you’ve always got their back.

By the way, “heirloom quality” doesn’t necessarily mean “costs a fortune.” It’s a term that instead refers to high-quality materials and thoughtful craftmanship. (Come to think of it, that’s another pretty good lesson for a grad to learn.) Check out our heirloom gift recommendations below – and then congratulate yourself on a gift well bought.

Jody Horton

Heirloom Pocket Knives

Pocket knives aren’t just useful, they can be gorgeous; they can be deeply interesting; they can be passed down through the generations. Case knives check all the boxes: start your gift shopping journey with these picks, each a piece of art any grad would be happy to carry.

More Heirloom Gifts for Grads

As evidenced above, heirloom gifts aren’t always sacred objects you keep behind glass and laser grid security systems. Some are meant to be worn, others carried and others used each and every day.