Helping kids fall in love with music can help you win a Tesla Model 3

We’ve been loving the Tesla Model 3 for so long that it only seemed natural for us to get you in on the fun too. That’s why we not only want to give you a $40,000 Tesla Model 3, we want to make that winning as quick and easy as possible AND help out an amazing cause. It’s just a full plate of win topped with some extra win and a final dollop of win right on top.

Entering the sweepstakes for this dream machine is about as simple as it comes. All you have to do is fill in the short entry form, hit send and you’re in the drawing for this luxury ride.

Of course, for a grand-scale contest, you won’t be the only entry. And when you’re up against thousands of others to take home a prize this fantastic, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to improve your odds. Thankfully, you can do that by adding anywhere from 100 to as many as 2,000 additional entries to the contest in your name for a generous donation to the Playing for Change Foundation. 

This 501(c)3 non-profit organization has been changing lives for nearly 15 years, building music education programs for marginalized and at-risk kids in developing nations around the world. 

Kids in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, and more are enrolled, 

attending free classes in dance, instruments, languages, and musical theory. 

Currently, over 2,000 children in 10 different countries are being enriched as part of PFCF’s mission, a crusade to spur education, personal growth, and social change through the positive impact of music.

Each PFCF program is a true homegrown effort, crafted and led by local teachers and local administrators in each community, using materials and labor in their neighborhood to keep their incredible work going.

Right now, if you make a $10 donation to the Playing for Change Foundation, you’ll earn an extra 100 entries into the Tesla drawing. Boost that donation up to $25 and you can make that  250 extra entries. For $50, your name will be represented 1,000 times in the sweepstakes, or a $100 donation to help this fantastic program will also get you a whopping 2,000 extra opportunity to take home this brilliant prize for yourself.

Help underprivileged kids appreciate the joy of music and you score one of the coolest cars on the market today. It sounds like a pretty phenomenal trade. Make your donation now and your entries will be submitted for the Dec. 31 drawing. Thanks…and good luck.

Prices subject to change.

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