Hexlox Offers Security For Your Bike’s Expensive Accessories

No matter how well we take care of our stuff—our beloved motorcycles included—there will always be folks out to no good looking to get their dirty, slimy mitts on our precious machines. While locking your bike and equipping it with an alarm and immobilizer system can indeed prevent theft, there are other ways thieves can steal from you, and that includes the fancy accessories you’ve spent your hard-earned dough on. 

I’m talking about that shiny, carbon-fiber slip-on exhaust system that set you back a thousand bucks. Perhaps, even your hundred-dollar Quadlock phone mount, or those boujiee adjustable levers and TFT screens, could be potential targets for thieves. Basically, a high-end motorcycle parked in a public area is a smorgasbord of expensive bits and pieces just waiting to be snatched by a thief with basic know-how and a set of allen keys. Luckily, a German startup by the name of Hexlox has come up with an ingenious solution. 

Those of you who are into cars and have a fancy set of aftermarket alloy wheels with matching lug nuts may be familiar with an anti-theft lock-nut. Usually, one lug-nut on your wheel will require a special tool or key in order to be removed. Oftentimes, this key is proprietary, depending on your wheel’s manufacturer. Hexlox offers similar technology, but one that’s compatible to nearly all sizes of allen bolts. Originally designed for use in fancy, high-end bicycles, motorcycles can benefit from this innovation thanks to the fact that allen bolts are very common on all types of motorbikes. 

The lock is extremely tiny, and fits inside the hexagonal socket of each of the bolts. Thanks to it being magnetic, each of the locks are held in place, and therefore prevent would-be thieves from undoing any bolts with a set of Allen keys. A unique, coded key is required in order to remove the magnetic lock from each of the bolts. Clearly, the drawback to this system is the fact that you’re going to need to buy quite a few of them in order to protect most of your bike’s valuable components. 

Hexlox‘s ingenious locking system is currently available in sizes ranging from 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10mm—basically the sizes of the bolts which most of your fancy parts and accessories will be mounted with. The locks are priced starting at 12 Euros ($12.50 USD) a piece, with the coded key also priced at 12 Euros, and can be configured to unlock several locks. Meanwhile, Hexlox packs with an assortment of locks and a compatible key are also available starting at 35.99 Euros ($37.42 USD). Do note, however, that in order for the system to work, the bolts in question need to be made of steel—not aluminum or fancy titanium.