Hong Kong fashion empire heiress Bonnie Evita Law dies during ‘illegal’ liposuction and boob job

Hong Kong fashion empire heiress, 34, dies during ‘illegal’ liposuction and boob job after going under the knife ‘to celebrate her birthday’

  • Bonnie Evita Law died after falling into a coma during plastic surgery in Seoul
  • Police claimed the operations had not been carried out by certified surgeons 
  • The agency which had arranged the operations was also illegal, police stated
  • Ms Law’s grandfather was the founder of billion-dollar clothing brand Bossini

A Hong Kong heiress has allegedly died while undergoing liposuction and breast augmentation procedures arranged by an illegal agent and performed by uncertified plastic surgeons, according to police.

Bonnie Evita Law, whose late grandfather built a billion-dollar fashion empire, passed in January at the age of 34 during the operations in South Korea.

The surgery was said to be part of the celebration for the socialite’s 35th birthday.

Bonnie Evita Law, whose late grandfather built a billion-dollar fashion empire, died in January after falling into a coma during plastic surgery in Seoul. South Korean police have released more details of the case. Above, the late socialite in seen in pictures on her Instagram account

South Korean police told local TV station MBC last week that Ms Law’s death could have been caused by the medical staff’s negligence. 

Her death was likely to be related to an anaesthesia drug the medics used on her during the operations, the police claimed, adding that the clinic had failed to check the medicine before the surgery.

The police also claimed that the clinic had not asked Ms Law to sign an official consent for the surgery. They added that the procedures had been conducted by uncertified plastic surgeons without the presence of anaesthetists.

Ms Law’s death could have been caused by the medical staff’s negligence, police told South Korean TV station MBC. Her surgery took place in Seoul’s Gangnam district. In the file photo above, people walk past advertisement light boxes for plastic surgery hospitals in Seoul

Ms Law’s grandfather built a billion-dollar clothing brand, Bossini, which is popular in Asia


Bonnie Evita Law was the granddaughter of the late tycoon Law Ting-pong, who founded fashion brand Bossini in 1987.

Ting-pong died in August 1996 at the age of 86, leaving his family HK$1 billion ($130million).

Her father is Raymond Law Ka-kui, who is the sixth son of Ting-pong.

The Law family remains a significant presence in the management of the company.

According to the Ta Kung Pao, Ting-pong was a leading textile businessman, who set up the Lawsgroup in 1975 and then its first production facilities in China.

In 1987, it was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange as Laws Fashion Knitters Ltd and in the same year, he created the Bossini brand.

Bossini has around 1,000 stores in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and India.

Furthermore, preliminary investigation from the police showed that the agency, which had arranged the cosmetic surgery for Ms Law, had not completed its relevant registrations and was illegal.

The police told MBC that they planned to press charges against relevant individuals.

Ms Law fell into a coma at the clinic in Seoul’s upscale Gangnam district and was transferred to a hospital where she was pronounced dead, the South China Morning Post reported earlier this year. 

She left behind her husband of 10 years and their seven-year-old son.

‘Her death was unfortunate, unnecessary and unlawful. It was solely as a result of their gross negligence, greed and incompetence,’ Ms Law’s husband, Danny Chi, criticised the clinic in an interview with the South China Morning Post in March.

According to the news outlet, Mr Chi initially planned to sue the clinic partially for the loss of the substantial annual income and the future inheritance he would benefit from through his wife. He eventually withdrew the case. 

Born to a wealthy business family in Hong Kong, Ms Law was the granddaughter of Law Ting-pong, who was a textile tycoon and founder of Bossini, a popular fashion brand.

The Law family were the 31st richest family in Asia in 2017, with a combined net worth of $7.8billion (£5.99billion), according to Forbes. 

Ms Law was survived by a brother and a sister. 

Her sister, Queenie Rosita Law, was abducted for a HK$28million (£2.7million) ransom in 2015 and kept in a cave for four days before being released.


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