Hospital workers caught on video in vicious MMA-style fight

Two workers in a London hospital have been filmed in an MMA-style brawl, wrestling each other to the ground in what appears to be the hospital restaurant.

Footage shows the women ignoring social distancing as they engage in the fight, The Sun reports.

At the beginning of the clip, believed to have been filmed over the weekend, the workers can be seen squaring up to one another.

One of the women, who is wearing blue scrubs with her mask pulled down, points her finger and shouts at the other.

Her colleague then yells back at her, towering over her with her hands on her hips.

One of the workers then lashes out by hitting the other, a move quickly returned by her colleague.

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The fight rapidly erupts into a trade of blows as the workers wrestle each other to a cafe bench.

They can be seen pulling one another’s hair as an onlooker films the shocking scene.

Then one worker proceeds to hold her colleague in a choke hold as she wrestles her to the ground.

The fighting continues on the floor and one of the staff members holds her colleague’s legs above her head.

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The workers pause in the awkward grip before the video ends, unwilling to let the other go.

Users on social media expressed their shock at the violent footage as the UK grapples with high case numbers in the coronavirus pandemic.

One person wrote: “We don’t need fighting like this and ignoring social distancing in our world right now. Makes me sad.”

Another pleaded: “Please. All of us are here trying to stop others from catching COVID.”

Someone else added: “Lucky they’re in hospital already.”

The hospitals that may have been the scene of the fight have been approached for comment.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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