As fashion drifts change continuously and one-year fashion trend will be replaced next year. It is striking that this is not a unique phenomenon since the style has been reinvented over and over throughout the period. Fashion is a sort of imagery of the prevailing society since the looks of women and men are constantly shaped by the present events. 


Since style drift shifts continuously and we change ourselves respectively to the newest manner. Men’s fashion has also changed over the years, and Outfittery gives you all the vibes of contemporary fashion trends for men.

The shift in fashion trends over the years

If you take a moment to glimpse the last era, you can also take an outspoken panorama of what fashion trends were like at that time. Here you can take a look at the shift in the fashion trends over the years.

Women suit


  • Victory suit


Decades ago, a two-piece suit for women was known as a Utility or Victory suit. Ladies could blend the suit style with matching skirts, pullovers, and blazers for a unique outfit daily. At that time, the suit was famous due to its functionalism and comfort. 


  • Mannish suit


Nowadays, the Victory suit is not admired much as is the mannish suit. The double-breasted, broad-shouldered, and straight-legged suiting style has been on the rise in recent years. The mannish suit is often styled differently such as oversize blazers with plated straight pants, single-breasted blazers with straight-leg suit pants, double-breasted blazers with high waist mini-shorts, single-breasted blazers with long wide-leg pants, and the like.

Hourglass silhouette dresses 

In essence, women’s fashion in the past was about designing an hourglass silhouette suit with mannish details: quilted shoulders, tightly-fitting waist tops, and A-line skirts of knee-length. That was the almost everyday style for apparel, even pants followed the same wide-leg, high-waisted form. Hourglass silhouette dress style has changed in the recent era and now it adds more feminine details such as a V-neck round neckline, fitted tops, and peplum that sets waist with volume in shoulder and hips.

Masculine militant style dress to Nautical trend

War affected the dress style of both genders and masculine militant appearance had been reflecting in women’s dress with the shoulder pads discovery. Shoulder pads were an essential essence in every kind of clothing for fitting that stretched just beyond the shoulder edge. This was added for a square or boxy shoulder edge and neckline. 


The past masculine militant style dresses have been replaced with nautical trends that add more feminine details to the style. Though the nautical dresses are trendy for summer style but also a thing in winters with the long coat and leather jackets. Striped sleeveless tops with an airy mini skirt, fit-and-flare sleeveless dress, crop shirt with midi skirts.

Closing remarks

Fashion trends evolve endlessly and it also took a shift in the German fashion industry. War events also added effect to the style of clothing and we see a dramatic change from victory dress to a pantsuit with a blazer and masculine militant style to the fit-and-flare dress.