How to Identify the Best Bangles for Women

Identifying the best bangle is the first step to utilizing the magical powers of the jewelry. This article is for you if you are about to gift a special woman in your life or buying a bracelet for yourself.

Not all women have the same interests. And even if the interests are similar, circumstances are the thin line causing the difference.

Before digging into your pockets for a bangle, check out the type of bangle and the best occasion to wear it. Below is a vivid explanation of these points. 

Consider these 3 Types of Bangles

Type of material is one of the traits to consider if you want the utmost quality in a bangle. There are 3 main classes of bangles depending on the type of material that makes it.

These are silver, gold, and diamond. Here’s when you should choose one type and ignore the rest.

1. Silver Bangles

Go for silver bangles for women if you are a ‘relatives person,’ simply need a class or want a versatile bracelet. Here, a ‘relatives person’ means your priority is to gift close family members using jewelry.

For instance, you want to express parental love to your daughter. Although you may get her a cheap and readily available gift, you decide to buy her a silver heart pendant instead.

Not only does the heart symbol speak volumes but the pendant can also last decades or even a lifetime. 

The demand for silver bangles is on the rise because they give class without having a special rank in society. Unlike with most bangles, wearing silver bracelets must not mean you are either a celeb or belong to a reputable social class. 

You can get silver bangles mixed with many metals to create the perfect match. A typical composition is 925 Sterling silver.

It means the resulting bracelet has a 92.5% silver composition while the rhodium, zirconia, or other metals form the remaining parts of the alloy. You can wear it with other bangles and attire.

2. Gold Bangles

If you need colorful bangles, choose gold types. They give you options such as white, yellow, or rose gold. The various forms result when pure gold is mixed with other metals.

An example is the small curve bangle. Apart from gorgeous colors, gold is known for its emotional or sentimental attachments.

Wearing your gold bangle in public places is a direct ticket to earning the respect and value that society has towards gold products. That is why most musicians and Hollywood actors prefer gold bangles to silver or diamond bracelets. 

Use gold bracelets in the following situations:

First, you may need to show your economic prowess. Once society views you to be on a higher economic ladder, you can use the ‘good name’ to accomplish deals.

For instance, you are charismatically blessed to pursue and win elections, enter business contracts, and influence directions on major development agenda.

3. Diamond Bangles

Diamond bracelets are known for class, versatility, and the utmost beauty. They are the bangles to buy when you need not-for-everyone types of bracelets. Here are the reasons:

They are relatively expensive to buy. However, you will appreciate the value your expenditure when you start realizing a myriad of benefits, that these bangles present to you.

For example, the round brilliant diamonds are crucial as engagement rings. They are charmingly beautiful and last for decades, making them some of the best memory loggers for special celebrations. 

The diamond tennis bracelets are suitable for your fashion needs. You can use them on both casual and official occasions. They are also versatile and elegant for many dresses.

What’s more?

Depending on your need and budget, approach an expert trader of bangles, and get yourself a classic bangle.

Considering the natural material composition, the 3 everlasting and charming bracelets to give a try are Sterling silver, gold, or diamond bangles.