I spent $720 on Kris Jenner’s used clothes — they were ripped and stained

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is known for their impeccable fashion sense and their tendency to always kill it on the red carpet.

Most of us would pay a lot of money to get our hands on their wardrobe — but one shopper was left with items that were ripped and stained.

A YouTuber named Laura Lee, who has over 4.5 million subscribers to her channel, said she spent $720 purchasing Kris Jenner’s used clothing.

The Kardashian fangirl was surprisingly excited to discover a few signs of wear and tear on some of the items, as this served as proof that the momager had actually touched and worn them herself.

She unboxed the clothing for her viewers.

The first item was a cream-colored Lisa Brown cover up dress that she paid $195 for.

Next, she pulled out a pair of Fleur Du Mal biker shorts, which she paid $125 for.

Unlike the dress, these came with the tag and were not yet worn by Kris.

The YouTuber was impressed with the quality: “They feel super heavy!”

Kris Jenner
YouTuber Laura Lee spent $720 on Kris Jenner’s used clothes.
Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

The third item she revealed was one of Kris’ most recognizable looks: a white button-down.

Laura paid $75 dollars for the Equipment top, and was hopeful that Kris had worn it a few times because “she wears a lot of button-downs.”

Although she noted that it was in good condition, she did find a few stains on this one as well:

“It does look like it has a makeup mark on it here. But it looks like it’s been freshly washed and feels like it’s been freshly pressed.

“I will say I think it’s been worn a few times because the tag here is kind of worn out, like it looks like it’s been in the washer a bunch.”

Kris Jenner
Laura Lee said she found signs of wear and tear on Kris Jenner’s used clothes.
Raymond Hall/GC Images

She also noticed a darkness at the collar’s fold.

Laura giddily pulled out the next item in the box: a pair of James Perse linen pants. She paid $75 for them.

Although the tag was missing, the YouTuber speculated that Kris had probably never worn them because they were in pristine condition.

And finally, the last item on her list was a flowy and frilly Lisa Marie Fernandez ivory cover up robe.

Kris Jenner
Some of the clothing Laura purchased was in good condition.
Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

Laura paid $250 for it and was thrilled with what she got: “It’s in really good condition. I didn’t notice any markings.”

She added that although she wouldn’t normally pay $250 for a cover up, this was an exception:

“Hello, she’s Kris Jenner. What do u think?”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.