‘I will never be OK:’ Mother of Euclid fashion model killed in shooting grieves second child lost to gun violence

EUCLID, Ohio — Shalaymiah Moore died Oct. 2 when a gunman shot and killed her. The headlines that followed her death focused on her burgeoning career as a fashion model.

In a recent conversation with Moore’s mother, she said she would like her daughter’s memory to consist of more than just “model” or “actress.” She was a mother, a daughter, a nurse’s assistant, a friend to many and someone who battled depression.

“She had gone through a long history of depression thinking she was not adequate enough to be a mother,” Moore’s mother Rochelle Moore said. “She had finally found her niche in life.”

Shalaymiah Moore died from several gunshot wounds to the back and shoulder in an incident that happened about 3:15 a.m. Friday on Lakeshore Boulevard just west of East 210th Street, according to Euclid police. Paramedics took her to University Hospitals, where she later died.

For Rochelle Moore, the grief of losing a child to gun violence is all too familiar. Her son, Shalaymiah Moore’s brother, died in a shooting 13 years ago in East Cleveland.

“I’ve lost two children to gun violence, and I will never be OK,” she said.

Two men are in custody for their suspected involvement in her death. Daylonta Jones, 20, and Curtis Gatheright, 21, face charges of aggravated robbery and murder. They are in custody at the Cuyahoga County Jail. Euclid police have not released details of the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

“I’m going to do my best to make sure those two never walk the street again. “They don’t know what they took from us,” Rochelle said.

Shalaymiah Moore modeled for two years, including doing runway shows at Detroit Fashion Week and the prestigious New York for Fashion Week. She was preparing to take part in a similar show in London in February. Her mother said it was the happiest she had ever seen her. It made her feel fulfilled.

On top of modeling, Shalaymiah Moore served worked as a nurse’s aide for 15 years. Her mother said Shalaymiah’s patients loved her, and her daughter treated them like her own children.

Rochelle Moore boasted on how wonderful a daughter was, noting that she worked as a nurse’s aide to her father, an amputee. She said she did most of the shopping for them and completed tasks around the house that they couldn’t.

Rochelle Moore is impressed by the outpouring of people checking in with her regarding her daughter’s death. However, she’s not surprised because so many people knew her daughter as larger than life.

“Growing up, she was always the life of the party,” Rochelle said. “She always entertained her friends at our house, and she was always happy because she was always doing something.”

Rochelle Moore admitted to having significant worries about what happens after calm returns to her life. She is concerned that everyone will return to their everyday lives, and she wrestles with the grief of losing her second child to gun violence. Her primary concern is to remain an example of strength for Shalaymiah’s 13-year-old son, Jeremiah.

Jeremiah is fortunate that he is surrounded by his father and his loving family, but he has asked questions about his mother, Rochelle said.

Rochelle scrolled through Shalaymiah’s Facebook page and read her inspirational quotes, and then she swiped through her modeling photos. Besides her grandchildren, she said the only things that are keeping her going is knowing that her daughter left this world happy and accomplished.

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