Informa Markets Fashion Unveils FIT Student Showcase

Design by Jamie Fernandez for the Special Occasions category
Photo: Informa Markets Fashion

The COVID-19 shutdown inspired celebrated fashion designers to go online and produce digital runway shows. Now, student designers are following.

Informa Markets Fashion
, the producer of the trade shows MAGIC, Project, Coterie and a slew of other major industry events, announced that it would give a digital stage to student designers in the FIT Future of Fashion 2020 Showcase. The initiative launched Sept. 30 through dedicated hubs at Coterie’s and the Children’s Club’s digital marketplaces and will be showcased until Nov. 1.

These showcases will exhibit the collections of 75 student designers from the Fashion Institute of Technology, based in New York City. The showcases will run across five categories: sportswear, special occasion, knitwear, intimate apparel and childrenswear. The exhibits will be curated by Colleen Sherin, president of Coterie; Danelle Brown, Children’s Club event director; and Tommy Fazio, the fashion director of NuOrder, Informa’s technology partner.

“With the opportunities and comprehensive reach our digital platform affords this season as the fashion community convenes, we are beyond thrilled to partner with FIT and shine a spotlight on the upcoming talent coming out of the 2020 graduating class,” Walsh said. “Our retail community is especially eager this season for innovation in design and newness, and our partnership with FIT is the perfect way to take our goal of powering-up brand and product discovery to the next level by giving retailers a peek into the true future of fashion—the next generation of designers.”

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