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Elizabeth Olsen’s preoccupation with skincare is a family affair. “What I’ve learnt from my sisters is about half of the products in the bag,” she laughs, unveiling her cosmetics case packed with advanced formulations and transformative tools. “We love our skincare!”

As evident in this video exclusive to celebrate her digital cover interview for Harper’s Bazaar, when it comes to beauty, Olsen is “obsessed with many things”.

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It was about five years ago that Olsen really started to take skincare seriously and have regular facial appointments – as per the advice of her sisters, the elusive Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. “As an actor I really want to be able to move all the parts of my face for as long as I can,” the 33-year-old explains. “And I also want to do that while feeling good about my skin texture, and so I try and do everything that is good for stimulation from the inside of your skin-out.”

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Therefore, “every day begins and ends with Biologique Recherche Lotion P50”, a cult exfoliating acid toner from the French clinical skincare brand. She then uses her ZIIP Beauty GX Series Nano Current Skincare Device – or as the brand coins it, the “celeb’s shortcut to a toned face”. As Olsen explains, it “helps lift your face, it helps de-puff”. Next comes the Future Cosmetics Beauty Drops No. 3 (a potent serum) followed by the brand’s Cream Extreme No. 2 (an active moisturiser).

She’s also keen to know what fellow actors use too, and clearly enjoyed Jodie Comer’s ‘Inside my beauty bag’ video. “If there’s anything that has to do with Jodie Comer’s skincare regimen – I just want to know about everything she does to have translucent skin,” Olsen says.

The thing is, “there’s a part of being an actor that is incredibly vein,” she explains, “because you have to stare at yourself every morning for a long time while people do your hair and make-up”.

elizabeth olsen cover shoot and interview

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While her skincare habit might be comprehensive, her approach to make-up is more minimal. “I’ve always been a ‘less is more’ person,” she says, sharing her love of Chanel’s multi-use stick make-up that can be applied on the eyelids, lips and cheeks. “I don’t like powder things,” she adds.

The one thing Olsen does to feel instantly made-up is a lip stain, “I don’t really need mascara, but when I do that I feel like I can go anywhere”. Charlotte Tilbury’s Tinted Love lip and cheek tint in Bohemian Kiss “is easy to layer and manipulate,” she says. “It feels like you’re not really wearing anything, and it lasts a long time.”

Watch Olsen reveal more in her ‘Inside my beauty bag’ video, above.

elizabeth olsen cover shoot and interview

Josh Shinner

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