‘iPhone 12’ wireless charging accessories said to resurrect ‘MagSafe’ branding

Apple may be reintroducing its old “MagSafe” term, though not the same technology, in peripherals designed to charge the forthcoming “iPhone 12.”

Four years since the last MacBook Pro abandoned Apple’s MagSafe charging connector, Apple is reportedly planning to revive the name. According to a leak from the Chinese site Weibo, which also detailed “HomePod mini” news, and the “iPhone 12” display details, Apple is preparing a pair of “MagSafe” peripherals.

Describing what it calls the “official key accessories,” the leak says, in translation, that the “official magnetic casing comes with Magsafe, two wireless chargers Magsafe Charger, Magsafe Duo Charger.”

There are no further details. However, it’s possible that this may relate to a previous leaked image which purported to show a revised internal charging system for the “iPhone 12.”

At the core of that claimed redesign was a circular arrangement of very many small magnets. These were said to be to help align the iPhone to Apple’s as yet unannounced wireless charger or chargers.

There is a precedent for Apple reviving a term and applying it to a different product. From 1999 to 2006, Apple used the term “iBook” for its range of consumer laptops, for instance. Later from around 2010 to 2018, “iBooks” was instead the name for what are now referred to as Apple Books.

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