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Jane Fonda: I quit shopping to save the planet

Jane Fonda has quit shopping in order to save the planet.

The 82-year-old actress has admitted she’s still using clothes that were in her wardrobe “30 years ago”, because she doesn’t want to “waste” perfectly good items by throwing them out as she’s worried it could have a negative impact on the environment.

She said: “We have to not waste so much. We have to be satisfied with less. I’m trying to not buy anything new anymore, no new clothing. But I also understand that I can say that because I still wear what I wore 30 years ago, and I have a lot of clothes, so it’s easy for me.”

Jane urged other to “pay attention” to what they buy, but admitted it has been easier for her to let go of some of her luxuries because of her privileged background as the daughter of the late movie icon Henry Fonda.

She told Interview magazine: “I mean, look, I have to be very honest. I am Henry Fonda’s daughter. I have always had privilege. When it was very slow going in terms of my ability to earn a living, I had savings that I could fall back on. I don’t want to pretend that I was scraping nickels and dimes together. I lived pretty close to the bone for quite a while, but I always knew I could make it. I have to say that. My privilege protected me a lot.”

The ‘Grace and Frankie’ star has been open about her passion for saving the environment in recent months, and even took part in weeks of climate change protests in front of the US Capitol in Washington D.C., where she managed to achieve her goal of getting arrested and spending a night in a jail cell earlier this year.

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