Jessica Rothe’s Jewelry Collection Has So Much Sentimental Value

One thing we love about our Precious Metals series is learning the special stories behind each star or tastemaker’s jewelry pieces. It’s like getting a glimpse into their souls. Our latest guest for this accessory show-and-tell is Jessica Rothe, who you’ll know from Amazon’s Utopia or the film Happy Death Day.

The actress, who describes her personal jewelry style as minimalist and delicate, first shares the meaning behind her engagement ring: “This ring belonged to my mother’s mother. Whenever I see this ring or put it on, I remember her and I remember how she made me feel. I feel so lucky that I inherited this ring and I can’t wait for the day when I get to pass it down to my daughter or granddaughter, and to share that history with them.” Rothe recently married to her longtime love Eric Clem in a small, intimate ceremony after COVID-19 postponed her original July wedding. Still, Rothe says she “wouldn’t change a single thing [about the day].”

Rothe went on to speak about heirloom pieces from her other grandmother (a Star of David necklace that represents her “big personality and huge heart”) and her father (a locket), the latter of which has a movie-worthy story. Rothe says she was helping an old boyfriend move and misplaced the necklace. After the two broke up, she thought the piece was gone forever. Fast forward seven years later, at a party in Los Angeles, one of the old roommates of her ex comes up to her to tell her he has her locket (!!!). He’d kept it for all these years because he knew how much it meant to her. “[It] once was lost but was found,” she says. (Okay, you can tear up now.)

Rothe shares a few more special pieces from her jewelry collection, but we’ll end it here because we don’t want to further spoil anything. Tune into the full stories of each bauble by watching her YouTube video above.

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