Kate Middleton news: Duchess of Cambridge crafts Prince William’s gift of Diana’s jewels

Kate Middleton wore a stunning blue dress to meet with the diplomats in Buckingham Palace. She accessorised with jewellery fit for princess, made with blue sapphires.

“The quality is second to none – the sapphire boasts an even colour throughout, is beautifully cut and totally eye-clean and the surrounding diamonds have been hand-picked to perfectly match one another.

“It appears as though a bail and chain have been added to revamp one of the sapphires from the original Saudi Suite’s earrings so it can be worn around her neck, including the original diamond halo being kept to maintain its heritage.”

So, much would a piece like this be worth?

Tatiana said: “With the centre sapphire weighing approximately 3.00-5.00ct, and the original halo totalling a further 6.00ctw, I would easily estimate this piece to be worth between £20,000-25,000, perhaps even more given the provenance of this piece.”

Diana’s original Saudi Suite was a gift given to her for her wedding day.

It was made by Asprey and the set included a watch, a bracelet, earrings a necklace and a ring.

Diana famously used the ring as the centre of a newly designed choker necklace, which she also stylishly wore as a headband.

It is possible Kate has inherited this whole set, as Princess Diana’s jewellery was left to her sons.

Kate has been seen wearing many more pieces of Diana’s personal jewellery collection.

This includes her sapphire engagement ring, which was originally Diana’s ring from Charles signifying their engagement.

She also owns a Cartier French Tank watch which William gave her on their third wedding anniversary.

Kate Middleton’s jewellery has given a hint to her children in recent weeks. 

Kate had on the Gold Three Layered Disc Necklace from All the Falling Stars costs £99.36.

The disks on the necklace bare the initials of her three children.

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