Know how a clothing store in Muzaffarpur revived its business after lockdown

New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: If the foundation of a business rests on traditions, good relations with the customer and the desire to do something new, then it will surely climb the ladder of success. The business may face hiccups due to external factors but if it has the trust of the customers, it will bounce back in no time. Here are some similar stories from HS Mall in Muzaffarpur. Clothing businessman Ayush Banka said, the lockdown affected his business, but customer trust, digital support and persistence turned the situation back in his favor.

Ayush said that they have been associated with the textile business for 40 years. 25 years ago, they had a clothes shop called Garib Vastralaya on Tower Chowk in Muzaffarpur. That shop was built by his father for the people of the village so that they can buy clothes at reasonable rates. He said, ‘Even today, we are working on the same ideology. We are providing low-cost clothes for our customers. Our motive is to provide affordable clothes to every villager. Our dream was to go into the retail chain, which is now being completed. Meanwhile, the coronavirus crisis turned out to be a hindrance to business. Let us also know from Ayush how the solution to this crisis was discovered then.

Solution 1: Made website for delivery of clothes

We expanded our business to HS Mall in 2018. The first year i.e, 2019 was very good, but the second year coronavirus worsened the conditions. The entire market during coronavirus was closed. In such a situation, we were not able to reach the customers. Even after the lockdown, a large number of customers were avoiding visiting markets. In such a situation, we decided to sell our products online. For this, we created a website through which the delivery of clothes as possible. We find a good response through this process of selling clothes.

Solution 2: Took customer feedback on phones and acted accordingly

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, we contacted customers who were registered in our database. We asked them about their problems and what kind of facility they wanted. Our customers asked us to provide product photos on mobile, we did the same. Customers asked for home delivery, we made home delivery. At the same time, we made home delivery to the customers who were planning events. We also kept in touch with our customers via WhatsApp.

Solution 3: Closed trial room and exchange-return in the wake of the pandemic

We sought feedback from customers using various mediums. They gave us feedback on what kind of products we should keep during this crisis. Customers asked us to close the trial room and clothes exchange-returns. Understanding this as a need for security, we implemented this change. However, we have resumed trial, exchange-return for the last two months.

Solution 4: Started campaigning on social media and offered discounts

Ayush said that after the mall reopened amidst the coronavirus crisis, they ran an effective campaign on social media. He said, we offered discounts, offers and new schemes to our customers. We use mediums like Twitter, Facebook to reach more people. For example, on the completion of two years of our showroom, we started a lucky draw scheme. During this crisis, we offered a 30 per cent discount on clothes, which increased the sale. Apart from that, they spread the words about the sale through Facebook which also increased the sale.

Solution 5: Customer safety is a top priority

Ayush said, we kept our store completely safe for our customers. We have designed the sitting style of our showroom in such a way so that the social distancing can be followed. We make sure to keep the distance of 3ft among everyone. Apart from this, we sanitize the showroom at a fixed interval of the day. Also, we do not use the new arrivals for a week. We also sanitize all possible products in our store.

Solution 6: We ship goods through digital services only

Amidst the ongoing coronavirus crisis, it is not possible to go anywhere to purchase goods. In such a situation, we have started adopting digital methods for the delivery of goods. We check the photos through WhatsApp and video calls on our digital device (mobile phones, laptop). Also, we are ordering catalog, PDF or folder through the digital medium.

Solution 7: Taking care of social responsibilities

During the sudden outbreak of coronavirus, we had arranged food and drink for the villagers with the help of traders. We had made sure to provide food for the weaker sections of the Muzaffarpur area, Darbhanga Road and Sitamarhi Road. Also, we provided a 15-day ration to people in the area, said Ayush.

Posted By: Srishti Goel

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