Leominster School Committee approves hybrid learning model to begin Nov. 9, students can also choose remain remote

The Leominster School Committee approved plans Monday night for a hybrid learning model within its district.

The unanimous vote grants students the opportunity to opt out of the current remote model and into the hybrid model if they’d like. Others, preferring remote learning can remain on that path. Students who switch to hybrid can return to fully remote if necessary.

The vote applies to students in kindergarten through eighth grade and is set to begin on Nov. 9. Students who participate in hybrid learning will have in-person classes either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. All students will practice remote learning on Wednesday.

Students in ninth grade will have a combination of a two-week period involving remote and in-person learning. Grades 10 through 12 will continue learning remote with a gradual return to the classroom.

In-person classes will not exceed 16 students to ensure each one is at least 6 feet apart.

Under the guidance, the school’s transportation plan remains the same. Students must wear masks on the bus and windows will be open regardless of the temperature.

During the transition to a hybrid model, students may have to switch to a new teacher, the district said, depending on how many remain in remote learning. The district will create classes based on the number of hybrid and remote students.

The district said it has plans for how to operate or close a school if needed. Rapid response testing will be available on a classroom, grade and school basis if deemed necessary.

If 3% of individuals in any school test positive for COVID-19 and it was likely transmitted at the school, the testing of the entire school will occur.

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