Man Gets Restaurant Coupon Valid Until Next Century: ‘Inflation-Proof’

Everyone loves getting a coupon for their favorite food place. Whether it’s money off or a one-off deal, it’s always nice to get something for free. But one man’s coupon for food chain Del Taco has raised eyebrows online after he revealed that it doesn’t expire until the year 2106.

The coupon offers a free medium drink with the purchase of any epic burrito. With a range of terms and conditions, the text finishes with the words: “Expires 1/6/2106.”

Shared on Reddit on Saturday, user u/TiptoeRat posted the picture to the popular forum r/MildlyInteresting where it has since received more than 28,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments from bemused internet users.

U/TiptoeRat told Newsweek: “My cousins gave me the coupon a few years back. I found it again while doing some cleaning and decided to post it.”

A picture of the Del Taco coupon that has gained viral attention online after its owner shared that it expires in the year 2106.

American fast-food restaurant Del Taco was founded in 1964 and specializes in American-style Mexican cuisine as well as burgers, fries, and shakes. Operating in 16 states with 596 locations as of 2022, the majority of Del Taco’s restaurants are located in California.

The coupon prompted a response from Reddit users. One commenter said: “Keep it in the family. Maybe someone can use it the day of expiration. Like seriously put it in an estate.”

Another Redditor agreed: “Please tell me you’re saving that for future generations to hold on to and get a free drink in the 22nd century.”

“If you have grandkids, you should give them this,” said another user.

Another Redditor pointed out that the coupon could even be a good investment: “It doesn’t have a specific dollar value attached, so it’s inflation-proof.”

When it comes to discounts, food chains and other retailers have good reason to offer consumers a deal. In a survey by coupon marketplace RetailMeNot, it was revealed that around 70 percent of millennials will look for a deal before making a purchase, while two-thirds of people say they’d make a purchase if they had a coupon, regardless of whether they initially planned on buying something.

Where customers are really keen to get the best deal, the survey found that Americans would wait up to 57 days for a better deal. It’s not just about saving some hard-earned cash either, with many saying that it’s about the feeling they get when they find a good deal.

Of over 2,000 consumers surveyed, 19 percent said that getting a bargain feels better than having the last slice of pizza, while 17 percent said it was better than finding $20 and 8 percent even said it was better than the magical feeling of Christmas morning.

“I definitely didn’t expect it to get so much attention,” said u/TiptoeRat. “But I think it’s really cool that it did. I certainly will be holding onto it. I’ve put it in a safe. Who knows, maybe it will become a family heirloom.”