Marysville wedding guests “safe and sound” after tornado hits nearby building

MARYSVILLE, Kan. (WIBW) – Talk about a day to remember!

One Marysville couple is happy everyone is safe and sound after Saturday night’s tornado ripped through their wedding plans.

Allison and Sam Lubbers had just wrapped up their ceremony and were off taking photos when the tornado rolled through town.

“The storm started looking a little bit darker, but we just thought it was a thunderstorm,” Allison said. “Then the tornado warning went off, and it turned into a little more than what we thought.”

The couple took shelter at Allison’s mother’s house.

“I tried to stay pretty calm, but then I started seeing limbs falling over, the trashcan going across the driveway,” Sam said. “We just tried to stay as calm as possible.”

Their family and friends were back at the wedding venue — just a few hundred yards from a lumber shop that was partially destroyed by the tornado.

“There wasn’t any service so we weren’t able to talk to anybody and make sure they were okay,” Allison said.

Fortunately, all of the guests were unharmed.

The party continued after the storm passed, but the newlyweds say it’s a day they’ll never forget.

“I’ve never even seen a tornado in my life, never even been in that situation – and we get it on our wedding day,” Sam said. “It’ll be unbelievable to look back, tell our grandkids, tell our kids, tell anybody that we went through a tornado on our wedding day.”

“It is definitely a wedding that everyone will remember,” Allison said. “Everyone keeps coming up and telling us that. It will be something special. But again, glad everyone is safe and sound.”

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