Microsoft Pushes New Accessories To Complement Its Surface Line

Microsoft recently launched its new Surface Laptop Go, filling out its mid-range segment, and it’s got some new accessories to go with it. Or with any other Surface or non-surface set-up. The company reportedly says it is aiming expressly at the home office space with each of the new devices.

The new devices range from new keyboard and mouse add-ons to display accessories. And they range in price from just $24.99 to $69.99. But, regardless of what a user might need, there’s really something for everybody here.

The first of the new surface-ready accessories from Microsoft is, unsurprisingly, a full-size keyboard. Dubbed the Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard, the branding here really says it all. This is a “slim” and “elegant” keyboard add-on that operates on Bluetooth. And Microsoft indicates it can switch quickly between up to three devices.

With this gadget, the biggest seller might not be in the name at all though. In fact, Microsoft claims that in addition to its quick switching capabilities, the Designer Compact Keyboard offers up to two-year battery life. That’s going to keep users going for a lot longer than many competing keyboard accessories.

Now, there’s no number pad on that keyboard. But that’s not going to be a big problem thanks to the next of the new Microsoft Surface accessories. That’s because that’s a Bluetooth wireless number pad. That can be used in conjunction with the new Microsoft Keyboard or linked up for use on other systems that don’t include one out-of-the-box.

What else is there in the new Surface-ready accessories from Microsoft?

Microsoft hasn’t neglected those who don’t want to use touchpads with its announcement either. The company has a brand new mouse, appropriately dubbed the Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse. The new mouse is lightweight and sturdy, Microsoft says. But, more importantly, it’s comfortable. It even has a soft thumb rest to complement its sleek, obviously-ergonomic design.

Last, but not least, Microsoft wants its users to get the best visual experience from its new Surface laptops. And for those who use other devices. So it’s releasing a new wireless display adapter that supports 4K resolution screens.

Arrival dates are up-in-the-air but pricing is set

Presumably, the new accessories will be sold when the new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go lands. But Microsoft isn’t saying for sure on its latest tech releases. Pricing, conversely, has been set.

Microsoft says that both its new wireless display adapter and its new Designer Compact Keyboard will be sold at $69.99. The latter device comes in either black or white colorations. The mouse, sold in a sky blue coloration, is priced to be somewhat more affordable at $49.99. Finally, the new number pad matches colors with the keyboard. That accessory will cost just $24.99.

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