Moms make COVID isolation gift bags for quarantined ASU students

“Water, Gatorade, just some fun snack foods… there’s a jump rope, a deck of cards,” said one of the moms.

ARIZONA, USA — A group of ASU moms are coming together this weekend to make 300 COVID isolation gift bags for Sun Devils quarantined on campus.  

It’s a collaboration of hundreds of ASU moms in a Facebook group online and others from out of state.  

“An army of ASU moms that are preparing care packages for ASU students that have tested positive and are in quarantine,” said Sue Rigler, who knows the struggle they’re going through. Her daughter contracted COVID-19.  

“She tested positive quite some time ago,” she said. “She’s very healthy now, but she was in quarantine for 10 days.”  

During that time, Sue sent her daughter a care package.  

“It didn’t have a smiley emoji stress ball in it, but it had mashed potatoes and bananas,” said Rigler.  

Knowing how much students in quarantine need support right now, Sue reached out to other moms on an ASU mom’s Facebook page and suggested COVID isolation gift bags for those students.

“I actually put together a project plan,” said Kris Junod, who sprang into action, first getting money donations and then using the Amazon wish list.  

“I put 25 different items on the wish list, but in quantities of 300,” she said.  

Within the first two days, all the items were purchased by ASU moms.  

“These kids that are going through COVID, they need some help and they just need to know that parents are thinking about them and rooting for them,” said Junod.

Little things to let these students know they’re not alone.  

“Water, Gatorade, just some fun snack foods… there’s a jump rope, a deck of cards,” said Rigler. “and hand-written notes from the moms telling them that we care about t hem, we love them, what they’re going through is a tough time right now, but to stay positive and they will get through it.  

Encouragement to get through it, just like her daughter did.  

And some good news when it comes to COVID-19 cases at ASU. They appear to be dropping.  

As of Friday, ASU is reporting 115 positive cases in students. That’s down from 140 in a previous update.  

Most of the cases are off campus in the Phoenix area. 30 students are in isolation on the Tempe campus and there are 6 total known positive cases among faculty and staff. 

Updated: Oct. 8, 2020 @ 9 p.m. ASU is providing regular updates on our COVID-19 Management Strategy, which supports virus management efforts at the state, local and university levels.Arizona cases have increased since our last update, but remain far below the statewide levels in late June.

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